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Firework Sales Permit Application - $100.00 Fee
Site Information-
Site Address:_______________________________________ Business Name: _______________________
Indoor Display Outdoor Display (tent permit may also be required)
Applicant Information- (to be completed by Firework Sales Company or Managing Organization)
Name:________________________________________ Contact Phone:_________________________
Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
Attach the following documentation:
Firework Sales Site Map
Insurance Certificate of Liability Insurance
Applicant agrees to abide by the Duluth Fire Department Fire Prevention Code as it relates to this permit.
________________________________________________ _____________________________
Firework Sales Conditions
1) State law governs the types of fireworks sold.
2) A permit is required to sell fireworks within city limits.
3) Location of Firework sales must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
4) Fireworks can only be sold where allowed by zoning laws.
5) Unlimited access for inspections of products being sold or those products in storage is
6) If uncertain if a firework meets the guidelines of the State Law, a demo of the product
may be required.
7) If for any reason the Fire Marshal deems the sales as being hazardous due to location,
building type, proximity to other combustibles, or general hazards, the permit can be
8) This permit is an annual license valid from May 1
to April 30
of each year. The fee is
not prorated.