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Tenant Complaint Form
Tenant Complaint Form
The intent of this form is to allow tenants to submit complaints regarding housing code violations in a rental
property. In order for our office to conduct a complaint inspection, the criteria below must be followed:
STEP ONE: Tenant must inform landlord/property owner of complaint(s) in writing, such as a letter
or email (verbal conversation do not qualify).
STEP TWO: Tenant must allow landlord/property owner sufficient time to correct reported
STEP THREE: If complaints are not completely corrected within a sufficient amount of time, then the
tenant may fill out this form and submit it to lifesafety@duluthmn.gov or mail/drop off
to the address at the bottom of the form along with a copy of the original
documentation of the complaint sent to landlord/property owner.
STEP FOUR: An inspection will be made for any complaints listed that pertain to the housing codes
enforced by the Fire Department. The owner will receive an order of correction for any
The issues below are examples of issues not covered under the housing code and will not be
MOLD: Mold is not listed in the housing code and is not in and of itself a violation. However,
there may be a cause of the mold that is a violation, and therefore can be addressed,
such as a leaky roof, broken window, bad plumbing, etc.
BEDBUGS: Infestations of insects, such as bedbugs or rodents, is only a housing code violation if it
occurs in the common areas of rental property (entry, laundry room, etc.). Any
infestation that occurs in the rental unit is technically the responsibility of the tenant.
We do not investigate tenant complaints of infestation in rental units.
Below are a few other resources available to tenants.
ONE ROOF: https://www.1roofhousing.org/programs-services/tenant-landlord-connection/
LEGAL AID: http://lasnem.org/
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Complainant Information
Please note, in order to accept the complaint, we need all of the information below completed and written
documentation showing communication between the landlord and tenant. Ensure that the contact
information below is accurate. We will contact you when we start working on the complaint, if we are
unable to get ahold of you, we may not be able to address the complaint.