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Restoration Agreement
Property Address: ____________________________________________ Agreement Start Date: ___________________
Date Agreement Expires: __________________________________________ **Restoration Agreement is valid for up to 180
days. If work is not complete within that time frame, the Vacant Building Registration fee applies.
Intention of Restoration: Sell Occupy Rent
Services Desired: Permits Gas Water Electric Service
Owner Information:
Cell Phone:_____________________________ Alternate Phone:_______________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
Special rules apply for rehabilitation of boarded and condemned buildings that have been vacant and without utilities
for 6 months or longer:
An inspection is needed before you begin any work. Call- 218-730-5156 for information.
Owners of vacant, boarded and condemned properties must apply for and obtain a code compliance inspection before
starting any work or obtaining permits to rehab the property.
A restoration agreement must be filled out.
Owner agrees to make all repairs, improvements, and alterations necessary to bring the property into compliance with all
current City of Duluth Code requirements, including the code compliance inspection order and all open housing code orders
existing prior to this agreement.
Licensed contractors may be required to do the work.
Licensed contractors may be required to do building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work and must obtain their own
An inspection is needed after the work is completed, and the Order of Condemnation lifted, before anyone
can move in.
After the contractors complete all the work, a final inspection is needed. After all work is approved, the Order of
Condemnation will be lifted. A letter of completion will be issued before a vacant, boarded and condemned building can be
occupied, or before you can obtain a rental license.
The terms of the restoration agreement are as follows:
1. The city voluntarily consents to waive the Vacant Building Registration Fee if all the work to restore property
is completed within 180 days from the date of this signed agreement.
2. Owner agrees to make all repairs, improvements, and alterations necessary to bring the property into
compliance with all current City of Duluth requirements, including all open housing code orders existing
prior to this agreement and applicable zoning regulations.
3. Owner agrees to keep the property unoccupied until such time as any and all permits and/or housing orders
issued by Life Safety are signed off as completed or abated and the requirements of this agreement have
been satisfied.
4. The exterior of the property must be maintained at all times during the term of this Restoration Agreement.
This includes, but is not limited to, keeping the property free of all debris, shoveling of the sidewalks and
mowing of the lawn (etc……when applicable). Failure to do so will terminate this Restoration Agreement.
5. Owner agrees to obtain all necessary permits as required by the City of Duluth Code before the
commencement of any repairs to the property, including, but not limited to, construction, repair, plumbing,
electrical, and furnace or boiler permits. All permit fees will be in accordance with the City of Duluth permit
fee schedule. The construction permit fee will be based on the value of the work submitted by
owner/contractor. Licensed contractors may be required to do the work. All permits must be pulled within
30 days of entering into the Restoration Agreement. For permitting and contractor licensing
requirements, contact Construction Services at 218-730-5240.
6. Commencement of the work without the required permits will be subject to an investigation fee (equal to
double the permit fee). Contact Construction Services at 218-730-5240 for information about permits,
fees, and contractor licensing requirements.
7. RENTAL PROPERTIES: If required, because you are a new owner or if the property is newly converted to a
rental, you will need to apply for Transfer of Ownership or Rental License. Additional fees and inspections
will be required. This restoration agreement is not in lieu of or a substitute for a required rental license.
8. Owner understands that failure to complete the requirements of the Restoration Agreement within 180
days of start of agreement, will negate the Waiver of the VBR fee and the fee will be applied and levied as a
special assessment to the property taxes, if not paid.
9. Failure to meet the provisions of this Agreement may cause the City to impose conditions on future
Restoration Agreements that the owner wishes to enter into with the City. This may include the denial of
the Restoration Agreement option.
10. The City reserves the right to cancel this agreement prior to the expiration date for failure to comply with
the provisions contained above. Cancellations of the agreement will result in immediate application of the
Vacant Building Registration Fee. The City will provide the Owner with written notice by mail of its
determination to impose the VBR fee.
11. In addition to the application of the Vacant Building Registration fee, if the owner fails to meet the
requirements of the Restoration Agreement, the City reserves the right to issue administrative citations for
all outstanding orders that remain open at the expiration of the Restoration Agreement or for other
applicable provision of the code. Administrative Citations may be issued for each outstanding violation in
accordance with City of Duluth Administrative Enforcement and Hearing Process.
Owner Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:______________________________
Code Official Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:______________________________
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