Online guiding and
virtual unit meetings consent form
© Girlguiding May 2020 1 of 2Virtual meeting parent/carer consent form
Although we’ve had to put all our in-person unit meetings on hold, we are still keen to meet,
stay connected with girls, try new activities and work towards badges and awards.
We’d like to use virtual meetings to do this but need to be sure you are clear on how these
will work, what we will do and what we expect you to do to keep your child safe online.
In order to make sure that your child stays safe online, we ask that you do the following:
Access to the platform is made through the parent/carers account, unless your child meets the age
restrictions for the platform.
An appropriate adult, like a parent or carer will remain in the room with young members (under 14 years)
during video or conference calls to help or join in. For older girls (over 14 years) please make sure there’s
an appropriate adult nearby so that they can ask for help if they need it.
For younger members, you will ‘drop off’ your child at the meeting like you would at a unit meeting, so
we know that they have an appropriate adult nearby if they need a hand. This will also give us a chance
to talk with you if we need to.
Where possible your young member must take part in the video call in a suitable communal
environment. We appreciate that this is not always possible and some of the video calling software
has a built-in option to ‘blur’ the background - you may feel this is an appropriate feature to turn
on. All members of the household must be aware that the call is taking place and make sure they use
appropriate language and behaviour when nearby or in the background.
Your young member must be appropriately dressed (uniform isn’t necessary, but they should be fully
dressed in clothing that covers top and bottom half of the body).
You will make sure your young member has ‘logged off’ the call correctly and signed out before
turning off any devices.
Unit name
Please ll in all relevant
sections of this form and
return to your unit leader.
These meetings will start on (date)
The online platform that we will be using is (name of platform)
They will take place on (day)
Starting at (time) Finishing at (time)
This section should be completed by the unit leader
© Girlguiding May 2020 2 of 2Virtual meeting parent/carer consent form
You and your young member will not try to contact any leaders using these online tools outside of
the pre-arranged calls. If you need to contact a leader for any reason you will do so following your
normal contact procedures (ie emailing).
In order to protect your child, we will:
Have a minimum of two adults volunteers present throughout the video call who will stay on the
call until all girls have ‘logged off’.
volunteer will hold the Girlguiding safeguarding training A Safe Space Level 3. Any adult volunteer
holding a role that does not require a disclosure check will always be supervised by someone with a
disclosure check.
they do need to contact you will do so following their normal contact procedures (ie emailing)
Leaders will watch through and check any links or videos they may direct your young member to.
They will make sure everything they use is age-appropriate.
Leaders and other adults on the call will use appropriate language/behaviour throughout the call.
All leaders will ensure they are in a communal living space throughout the call. Where possible they
will blur the background in any video calls and any members of their household will use appropriate
language/behaviour throughout the call.
you have read, understood and agree to your part in the above requirements.
you give consent for your child to be part of online guiding and virtual unit meetings.
you give photo and video consent for your child.
Signature Parent/Carer
If you have another child who would also like to join in with the video calls, let us know below.
unit. If this additional child is also a member of a different unit a consent form must be returned to
her unit if they are also holding video meetings.
Please ll in all relevant sections of this form and return to your unit leader.
This can be done by email – please type your name in the signature box, a physical signature is not necessary. You
(parent/carer) must return this form to the leader from the email address that is saved on your child’s GO record.
If we do not get consent your child will not be able to join the call. The virtual meetings will only continue for as
long as all leaders are happy and comfortable.
These meetings are not compulsory, so your child does not need to attend, but please do let us know if they are
coming or not. You are most welcome to join in too.
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