Form PCAC1
Application for Conservation
Area Consent
This form is to be used only for applications for consent to demolish, whether in whole or in
part, unlisted buildings within a conservation area.
“Building” includes any structure or erection and any part of a building. This means that items
such as walls, fences, gates, railings and flights of steps are buildings for the purposes of
Conservation Area Consent.
The need to obtain Conservation Area Consent does not apply to all categories of buildings.
The excluded categories are listed overleaf.
This consent is in addition to any planning permission which you may require to replace the
Please complete in BLOCK LETTERS
Please note that when you submit a planning application the information, including plans, maps and drawings,
will appear on the Planning Register which is publicly available and, along with other associated
documentation (with the exception of personal telephone numbers, email addresses or sensitive personal
data), will also be published on the Planning Portal through the Public Access Portal (
1 a. Applicant’s name and address 1 b. Agent’s name and address (if any)
Name: Name:
Address: Address:
Town: Town:
Postcode: Postcode:
Tel: Tel:
Ref. No.:
Property to be Demolished
2. Give the full postal address of the building
3. Please give a detailed description of the proposed works of demolition
Documents Required
4 copies of this application form
4 copies of a location plan 1:2500 or 1:1250 scale showing the site of the development outlined in red
4 copies of such other plans or drawings as are necessary to describe or illustrate the effect of the
proposed demolition.
1 copy of completed Form P2 (certification of ownership)
Official Use
Application No.: ______________
Receipt No.: _
4. Council Employee / Elected Member Interest
Are you / the applicant / applicant’s spouse or partner, a member of staff within the council or an elected
member of the council?
Yes No
Or are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner, a relative of a member of staff in the council
or an elected member of the council or their spouse or partner?
Yes No
If you have answered yes please provide details (name, relationship and role):
4. Certificate of Ownership
I/We apply for Conservation Area Consent to carry out the demolition of the building(s) described in this
Signed _____________________________________ Date ________________
On behalf of (if applicable) ___________________________________________________
Excluded Categories
(a) a building with a total cubic content not exceeding 115 cubic metres or a part of such building, and in
this sub-paragraph “building” does not include part of a building;
(b) a gate, wall, fence or railing which is less than 1 metre high where abutting on a highway (including a
public footpath) or public open space, or 2 metres high in any other case;
(c) a building used, or last used, for the purposes of agriculture or forestry;
(d) a part of a building used, or last used, for an industrial process, provided that such part (taken with
any other part which may have been demolished) does not exceed 10 percent of the original building
(as ascertained by external measurement) or 500 square metres of floor space, whichever is the
(e) a building in respect of which the provisions of an enforcement notice served under Section 138 or
Section 157 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 require its demolition, in whole or in part,
however expressed;
(f) a building required to be demolished by virtue of a condition of planning permission granted under
Section 45 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 ;
(g) a building to which a demolition order under Article 35 of the Housing (NI) Order 1981 applies;
(h) a building required to be demolished by virtue of a notice under Article 63 of the Housing (NI) Order
(i) a building included in a vesting order under Articles 48 or 87 of the Housing (NI) Order 1981.
Please send your completed application to the relevant Council.
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