Form P1C
Please note that when you submit a planning application the information, including
plans, maps and drawings, will appear on the Planning Register which is publicly
available and, along with other associated documentation (with the exception of
personal telephone numbers, email addresses or sensitive personal data), will also be
published on the Planning Portal through the Public Access Portal
In addition to the information provided on the P1 planning application form the
following information should be submitted when applying for planning permission for
a dwelling on a farm under Policy CTY 10 of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 21:
Sustainable Development in the Countryside.
For the purposes of this policy, ‘active farming’ under CTY 10 of PPS 21 refers to the
production, rearing or growing of agricultural products including harvesting, milking,
breeding animals and keeping animals for farming purposes, or maintaining the land
in good agricultural and environmental condition. This is in line with EU and DARD
It is important that you provide sufficient information with your application to
allow us to determine it as soon as possible
Applicants should note that there is no requirement under Policy CTY 10 to be a full
time farmer or to prove the economic viability of a farm.
What must be demonstrated in terms of the above definition is that the farm business
is currently active and has been established for at least 6 years.
An applicant may apply for a house on an active farm even though they are not the
owner of the land. However, they must provide the relevant details of the farm
business on this form which should be signed by the owner(s) of the business to
confirm the details are correct.
It must also be noted planning permission relates to the land and development cannot
be carried out without permission from the actual landowner.
Please read policy CTY 10 – Dwellings on Farms fully before completion of this form
fully complete and send 3 copies of the form.
send 3 copies of 1/2500 location plan showing clearly the site outlined in
send 3 copies of up-to-date business owned maps to the scale of 1/10,000
showing clearly:
All land owned
All land taken in lease/conacre
Official Use
Application No.: _________________
Date Received: _________________
DARD ID No.: _________________
DARD Confirmed (date): _________________
Position of the established group of buildings on the farm;
Position of any other farm buildings
(The information provided below will be verified by the Department of
Agriculture and Rural Development [DARD])
(a) Name and address of applicant
(b) Name and address(es) of the
owner(s) of the active farm
(c) When was this farm business
(d) Do you have a DARD Farm
Business Identification Number?
(d) (i) If YES, please enter
your DARD Farm Business
Identification Number
(this number should begin
with a “6”)
(d) (ii) Enter date of allocation
(e) Do you submit a Single Farm
Payment or other farm subsidies
to DARD?
Q2. In order to establish the length of time the farm business has been active
it will be necessary to provide any other DARD Applicant Reference
Numbers and any other evidence in support of your application.
Q3. Is there any other relevant information of an active farm business that
you wish to submit? If so please attach or detail below or mark “NOT
Q4. In terms of an active equine business is there any relevant information
that you wish to submit? If so please attach or detail below or mark
Q5. Please provide details of any dwellings or development opportunities sold
off from the farm holding since 25 November 2008.
Q6. Where the proposal is for an alternative site (in relation to CTY 10
criterion (c)) please provide:
(1) information to demonstrate that no other site is available; and
(2) either (a) demonstrable health and safety reasons or (b)
verifiable plans to expand the farm business at the existing
building group(s).
I / we hereby confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate
Signature(s) of applicant: ___________________________________________
Name (Block Capitals): ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________
If the owner of the farm business is different from the applicant please complete the
following section:
Signature(s) of Owner: ___________________________________________
Name (Block Capitals): ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________
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