Form NMC1
Application for Non-Material Change Following a Grant of Planning Permission
Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011
Please note that when you submit a planning application the information, including plans,
maps and drawings, will appear on the Planning Register which is publicly available and,
along with other associated documentation (with the exception of personal telephone
numbers, email addresses or sensitive personal data), will also be published on the Planning
Portal through the Public Access Portal
1a. Applicant’s name and address 1b. Agent’s name and address (if any)
Name: Name:
Address: Address:
Town: Town:
Postcode: Postcode:
Tel: Tel:
Ref. No.:
2. Site Address Details
Unit: House Number: House Suffix:
House Name:
3. Eligibility
Do you or the person on whose behalf you are making this application, have an interest in
the part of the land to which this change relates
Yes No
If you have answered No to this question, you cannot apply to make a non-material
Official Use
Application No.: _________________
Date Received: _________________
4. Council Employee / Elected Member Interest
Are you / the applicant / applicant’s spouse or partner, a member of staff within the
council or an elected member of the council?
Yes No
Or are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner, a relative of a member of
staff in the council or an elected member of the council or their spouse or partner?
Yes No
If you have answered yes, please provide details (name, relationship and role):
4. Certificate of Ownership
5. Description of Your Proposal
Please provide a description of the approved development as shown on the decision notice,
including application reference number and date of decision in the sections below.
Application reference number: Date of decision:
6. Non-Material Change(s) Sought
Please describe the non-material change(s) you are seeking to make:
Are you intending to substitute amended plans or drawings? Yes No
If Yes, please complete the following:
Old plan/drawing number(s):
New plan / drawing number(s):
Please state why you wish to make this change:
7. Application Requirements Checklist
Please read the following checklist to make sure you have sent all the information in support
of your proposal. Failure to submit all information required will result in your application not
being accepted.
The original and 3 copies of a completed and dated application form:
The original and 3 copies of other plans and drawings or information
necessary to describe the subject of the application:
8. Declaration
I / we hereby apply for a non-material change(s) as described in this form and the
accompanying plans/drawings and additional information.
Signature Applicant / Agent: _____________________________ Date: _______________
Send your completed application to the relevant Council.
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