Notice of change of
legal representative
In the Claim No.
Name of Claimant (including ref.)
Name of Defendant
You should tick either box A or B as appropriate
and box C. Complete details as necessary.
I (We) give notice that
my legal representative (insert name and address)
has ceased to act for me and I shall now be acting in person.
we (insert name of legal representative)
have been instructed to act on behalf of the claimant (defendant) in this claim
in place of
(insert name and address of previous legal representative).
I (we) have served notice of this change on every party to the claim (and on the former legal representative).
Address to which documents about this claim should be sent (including any reference)
If applicable
Telephone no.
Fax no.
DX no.
Your ref.
(Claimant)(Defendant)(’s legal representative)
(Litigation friend)
Position or
oce held
If signing on behalf of rm or company
/ /
For further details of the courtsnd-court-tribunal
When corresponding with the Court, please address forms or letters to the Manager and always quote the claim number.
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