EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
Request for transcription of
Court or Tribunal proceedings
Please refer to the Guidance Notes (EX107GN) before completing this form.
If completing this form by hand please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters.
Once completed, send this form to the relevant court or tribunal.
You can find the address of the court or tribunal at:
Part A: Your details
A1. Your name
A2. Your organisation/company name (if applicable)
A3. Your involvement in the case
Party Party's legal representative No involvement
Other (please specify)
A4. Your reference (if applicable)
A5. Your address
A6. Your DX address (if applicable)
A7. Your phone number
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
A8. Your email address - we will use this address to send you the transcript
If you are unable to accept the transcript by email, tick this box.
It will be posted to the address shown above.
A9. Your preferred method of communication
Invoicing details
A10. Which transcription company have you chosen to do the work?
eScribers (formely Auscript)
Marten Walsh Cherer
Opus 2 International Ltd
The Transcription Agency
Epiq (formerly DTI)
A10. If you want a transcript of
proceedings in a Crown Court,
you can only use the company
allocated to that court - see
Annex A in the guidance
notes for details.
A11. Is this transcript being paid for at public expense, costs to be shared
between parties, or clients public funded certificate?
Date of order
Yes, attach a copy of the order and state the date of the order
Don't know
A12. Purchase order no. (if available)
A13. Is the invoice to be split?
Yes, please give the names and contact details (Including email
addresses, where possible) of all the parties paying and how the
invoice will be split between them.
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
A14. Are your payment details (name, address etc.) the same as those above?
No, please use the payment details shown below
Organisation/company name (if applicable)
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
Part B: Case details
B1. Name of Court or Tribunal where proceedings/hearing took place
B2. Court or Tribunal address
B1. The name of the specific
Court or Tribunal which heard
the case e.g. name of Crown
Court; name of County Court;
name of Family Hearing
Centre; Court of Appeal Civil
Division; Court of Appeal
Criminal Division; High Court,
Queens Bench Division; High
Court, Chancery Division; High
Court, Family Division.
B3. Case name in full eg. Smith v Jones
B4. What is the name of the Judge/Master who heard the case?
B5. Names of Barrister/Solicitor representing the parties
B6. Court or Tribunal Case reference number
B6. The case number may be
found on Court / Tribunal
documents or on the Court /
Tribunal list which was
published to show when and
where the case would be heard
B7. Was a Reporting Restriction and/or Anonymisation imposed?
B7. a Reporting Restriction is
an order made by a court or
tribunal prohibiting
publication of case details.
Yes, details of the restriction are as follows:
Don't know
B8. Was the case heard in private (ex-parte), in the Royal Courts of Justice
or a Crown Court (or at another venue ordered by those courts)?
Don't know
B8. See page 1 of the
guidance notes for more
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
Part C: Details of the transcript(s) you want to order
C1. Give the date and approximate times when the hearing or the relevant
part of the proceedings started and ended.
C1. Please provide details as
accurately as you can.
Incorrect or incomplete
information will cause delays
to the processing of the order.
Date of
Start time End time
C2. Court or hearing room number
C3. What type of Transcription do you need?
Whole hearing
Prosecution opening of the facts
Judge's summing up
Sentencing remarks
Sentencing hearing
Proceedings after verdict
Evidence (give details below)
Counsels' opening/closing remarks (give details below)
Legal argument(s) and ruling (give details below)
Confiscation ruling
Other (give details below)
C3. Refer to Table A in the
guidance notes for
explanations of these types of
transcript, and for the
information that you should
Civil, Family and Tribunals:
Whole hearing
Counsels' opening/closing submissions (give details below)
Evidence (give details below)
Judgment (give details to indicate if it is the main judgment or on
specific points such as costs, permission to appeal, etc.)
Proceedings after judgment
Other (give details below)
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
C4. Do you want a new transcript or a copy of an existing transcript?
New transcript
Copy of an existing transcript - number of copies required
C5. Which Service Level Band do you require?
Overnight (within 24 hours)
Within 48 hours
Within 7 working days
Within 3 working days
Within 12 working days
Civil, Family and Tribunals
Within 48 hours
Within 12 working days
C5. Please note each
jurisdiction has its own service
For more information on
Service Level Bands please
read the guidance notes -
Table B1 and B2.
C6. Once your chosen transcription company is in receipt of the recording
do you require an estimate of cost before the produce the transcript?
C7. Is the original audio in Welsh?
Yes, do you need an English Translation?
C8. Is this transcript required urgently?
C9. What is your reason for requesting this transcript?
C9. Please provide a general
reason why the transcript is
being requested. If the
transcript is required for a
future hearing and the date
has been fixed please give
details of the hearing for
which it is required and the
date of that hearing.
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
C10. Was this a
Telephone hearing
Skype Hearing
Cloud Video Platform (CVP) Hearing
Fully Video Hearing (FVH)
Other (please supply details)
None of the above
The name of the Service Provider is
The billing number is
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
Part D: Declaration
I declare that I have read and accept the terms and conditions listed
I understand that I am responsible for paying all the costs associated
with transcription directly to the transcription company save where a
court or tribunal has ordered that the transcript be provided at public
1. Transcripts and copies are provided subject to the service
specification agreed by the Ministry of Justice and the
Transcription Supplier.
2. All queries relating to orders placed must be raised initially with
the Transcription Company supplying the transcript.
3. If, prior to completion of an order, an additional authorised
request for the same transcription is received, the total cost will
be divided equally between all of those who have submitted an
order. The total cost will comprise one transcript fee together
with the cost of additional copies.
4. You should contact the chosen provider for terms of payment.
You may be requested to make payment in advance.
5. By signing this form, you are obliged to pay if a transcript is
Please read the declaration
carefully and understand
that by signing the request
you are obliged to pay for
any transcript you request.
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
Part E: For completion by Court/Tribunal staff only
E1. Does the requester have permission to order this transcript?
No - tell the requester that permission has been refused
E2. Is this a duplicate request for a transcript?
Yes, the name of the transcript company that produced the original
transcript is
E3. Name of Judge/Person giving permission where applicable
E4. Should the transcript be returned to the Court for approval by a judge
prior to release?
Yes, and the reason why the judge must approve the transcript is
The transcript/judgment should be emailed to
E5. Are there any Reporting Restrictions and/or Anonymisation to be
applied in relation to this case/proceedings?
Yes, and the restrictions are as follows:
E6. Does any transcript request relate to proceedings which were held in
Yes, and details of the proceedings are below
EX107 - Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings (04.21)
E7. Is there an order for supply at public expense in relation to any of the
transcripts requested?
Cost Centre Operating unit
Purchase order number
E8. Does the order relate to a telephone hearing?
Name of service provider
Billing no.
Once this transcript request is ready to proceed, send this form
together with the relevant audio recording held by the Court to the
Transcription supplier named by the requestor or allocated by the
Court. If it is a Crown Court case and the recording is held on DARTS
then only send the form to the Transcription supplier.
Transcripts at public expense for Civil, Family and Tribunal cases must
be sent to the supplier offering best value for money for the service
level requested however a Crown Court case where the recording is
held on DARTS must be sent to the relevant supplier for that region.
If this was a case where supplier personnel attended the hearing under
the ATS contract the form and the audio should be sent to the ATS
supplier whose personnel attended the hearing.