1. As part of your application you are required to provide a statutory declaration making several
statements about your personal circumstances and your application. This is to ensure that
you meet the criteria for the grant of a Gender Recognition Certificate. The type of statutory
declaration you will need to complete and send to us will depend on whether you are
currently single or if you are married or in a civil partnership.
2. A statutory declaration is a written statement of facts which the person making it signs and
solemnly declares to be true before a person authorised to administer oaths. Please also
note that this statutory declaration form is not the same as your ‘change of name’ statutory
declaration or change of name document.
Is this form the right one for you?
3. This form is for single applicants only and is the one to use if:
You have never been in a marriage or a civil partnership or
Any previous marriage or civil partnership has been dissolved or annulled by a court or
by an official process overseas or
Your spouse or partner has died.
If you are not sure which form you should use, then please contact the GRP administrative
team who may be able to guide you.
Statutory Declaration for single Applicants
T467 Statutory Declaration for single Applicants (01.20) © Crown copyright 2020
Guidance for completing your statutory declaration
4. Please complete all sections of the statutory declaration form, taking care to delete all those
statements that do not apply to you. You must enter your full name in the space provided
and then complete the remaining sections as follows:
Please start by entering the full name that you would like on your Gender Recognition
Certificate including any middle names.
Section 1 – all applicants must be 18 years old to apply for gender recognition.
Section 2 – enter the month and year of your transition, your acquired gender and how
many years you have been living in your acquired gender. All applicants are required to
confirm that they intend to live in their acquired gender until death.
Section 3we need to know the country in which you are ordinarily resident so we ask
you to indicate whether this is England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or outside
the UK
Section 4this statutory declaration form is for people who are not married or in a civil
Section 5 – please tick to indicate whether you have ever been married or in a civil
partnership in the past. If you have not then please tick the third box and cross out the
following two sections (sections 6 and section 7)
Section 6 – if you have previously been married or in a civil partnership then indicate how
this marriage/civil partnership ended and on what date this happened. If you have been
in more than one marriage or civil partnership then please complete this for your most
recent marriage/civil partnership.
Section 7we need to know where your former marriage or civil partnership was
registered. Please indicate whether this was England and Wales, Scotland, Northern
Ireland or outside the UK.
Finalising your statutory declaration – completing section 8 of the form
5. Examples of people who would be able to administer an oath are a practising solicitor,
a commissioner for oaths, a notary public, a legal executive, a licensed conveyancer, an
authorised advocate, an authorised litigator or a Justice of the Peace or a magistrate. In
Scotland a notary public or a Justice of the Peace can administer an oath. Most solicitors in
Scotland would also be a notary public.
6. In order to have your oath administered by a Justice of the Peace or a magistrate in England
and Wales, you would need to go to the magistrates’ court. To find out when they hear
applications for declarations, you should contact your local magistrates’ court. They will also
be able to tell you how much the fee will be or whether it can be waived.
Statutory Declaration
Gender Recognition Act 2004
do solemnly and sincerely declare that:
I am over 18 years of age.
2. I transitioned in
I have lived as a (insert ‘male’ or ‘female’ as appropriate)
throughout the period of years before the date of this statutory
declaration and I intend to live in that gender until death.
3. I am ordinarily resident in:
England & Wales
Northern Ireland
Outside the UK
4. I am not currently married or in a civil partnership
5. In the past I was in a:
Civil Partnership
I have never married or entered into a civil partnership
(please cross out sections 6 and 7)
6. My former marriage/civil partnership ended by:
Order of a Court dated
Death of my spouse/partner on
This is a legal declaration. Please ensure all sections are completed or
deleted as necessary before having this declaration signed by an authorised
7. My former marriage/civil partnership was registered in:
England & Wales
Northern Ireland
Outside the UK
I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be
true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.
Signature of
Qualification of witness authorised to
administer oaths
(e.g. a Solicitor/Justice of the Peace/Legal
Executive/Notary Public)
Name of witness
Signature of witness who is authorised to
administer oaths
Witness who is authorised to administer oaths
Declared at
(address where your
declaration is made
and witnessed)