List of documents:
standard disclosure
In the
Claim No.
(including ref)
(including ref)
• The rules relating to standard disclosure are contained
in Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules.
• Documents to be included under standard disclosure
are contained in Rule 31.6
A document has or will have been in your control if you
have or have had possession, or a right of possession,
of it or a right to inspect or take copies of it.
Disclosure Statement
I, the above named
Claimant Defendant
(if party making disclosure is a company, rm or other organisation identify here who the person making the
disclosure statement is and why he is the appropriate person to make it)
state that I have carried out a reasonable and proportionate search to locate all the documents which I am
required to disclose under the order made by the court on (date of order)
I did not search for documents:-
located elsewhere than
in categories other than
for electronic documents
I carried out a search for electronic documents contained on or created by the following:
(list what was searched and extent of search)
N265 Standard disclosure (10.05) HMCS
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I did not search for the following:-
documents created before
documents contained on or created by the Claimant Defendant
back-up tapes
mobile phones
PDA devices
portable data storage media
off-site storage
handheld devices
documents contained on or created by the Claimant Defendant
mail les
calendar les
spreadsheet les
document les
web-based applications
graphic and presentation les
documents other than by reference to the following keyword(s)/concepts
(delete if your search was not conned to specic keywords or concepts)
I certify that I understand the duty of disclosure and to the best of my knowledge I have carried out that duty.
I further certify that the list of documents set out in or attached to this form, is a complete list of all documents
which are or have been in my control and which I am obliged under the order to disclose.
I understand that I must inform the court and the other parties immediately if any further document required to
be disclosed by Rule 31.6 comes into my control at any time before the conclusion of the case.
I have not permitted inspection of documents within the category or class of documents (as set out below)
required to be disclosed under Rule 31(6)(b)or (c) on the grounds that to do so would be disproportionate to
the issues in the case.
(Claimant)(Defendant)(’s litigation friend)
I have control of the documents numbered and listed here. I do not object to you
inspecting them/producing copies.
List and number
here, in a convenient
order, the documents
(or bundles of
documents if of the
same nature, e.g.
invoices) in your
control, which you do
not object to being
inspected. Give a
short description
of each document
or bundle so that it
can be identied,
and say if it is kept
elsewhere i.e. with a
bank or solicitor
I have control of the documents numbered and listed here, but I object to you
inspecting them:
List and number
here, as above,
the documents in
your control which
you object to being
(Rule 31.19)
I object to you inspecting these documents because:
Say what your
objections are
I have had the documents numbered and listed below, but they are no longer in my control.
List and number
here, the documents
you once had in your
control, but which
you no longer have.
For each document
listed, say when
it was last in your
control and where it
is now.