We appreciate your interest in Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. As part of this application, a copy of your Business
License and state issued sales tax permit are required for all customers.
SHS Sales Rep (if applicable) Date:
Company Information
Legal Name of Business DBA Name if Applicable
Owners Full Name Federal Tax ID
Billing Address Shipping Address (if different than billing address)
Street Address Street Address
City, State, Zip City, State, Zip
Delivery Type: Commercial Residential
Website Address Phone Fax
E-mail Authorized Buyers and Owners
Resale Tax ID# State of Issue
Business Type: Corporation Sole Proprietorship Partnership LLC
Date Company started business? How long at the above address?
State business is registered Does the business have multiple locations?
Requested Method of Payment (check one)
Credit Card Check Cash COD Company Check COD Money Order
In submitting this application and signing below, customer acknowledges that customer has reviewed and
approved the Terms of Sale as posted on and agrees to be bound by such terms.
Jurisdiction and Venue
Customer agrees that this Agreement shall be construed and governed by Tennessee law, and that any dispute
between Customer and Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. shall be governed by Tennessee law. Customer agrees that any
legal action or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement or to the relationship or business dealings of
Customer and Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. shall be brought only in a court located in Davidson County, Tennessee,
and Customer consents to jurisdiction, both personal and subject matter, and to venue, in Davidson County,
Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses
Customer agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. in the event of a
breach of this Agreement by Customer or the failure of Customer to pay Southern Hobby Supply, Inc.
stomer Signature Customer Signature
Print Name Print Name
Title Date Title Date
onal Guarantee
The undersigned(s), personally and unconditionally guarantee the payment of any amounts owed to Southern
Hobby Supply, Inc. by Customer, and agree to be personally liable for all amounts, including interest, attorneys fees
and expenses, due by Customer pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. The undersigned(s) agree(s) to be bound
by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement to the same extent as Customer including, but not limited to,
the provisions of paragraph six (6) above relating to personal jurisdiction and venue. This guarantee is absolute,
unconditional and continuing, and no notice of indebtedness or the extensions of credit needs to be given to me.
This personal guarantee may only be revoked by written notice. I understand that I am still liable for all amounts
incurred by customer prior to the receipt by Southern Hobby Supply, Inc. of my revocation of this guarantee. This is
a guaranty of payment and performance, and not of collection. Guarantor hereby authorizes Southern Hobby
Supply, Inc. and its affiliates to obtain credit reports regarding Guarantor from credit reporting agencies.
Signature of Guarantor
Guarantor’s Printed Name and Residential Address
Signature of Guarantor
Guarantor’s Printed Name and Residential Address
Please submit completed forms, a copy of your business license and state issued sales tax permit via email
( or fax (615-360-9776). We will provide you a customer account
number, upon approval. Please allow 5 business days to process your credit application.
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