Great Falls College MSU
Prior Learning Assessment Checklist
Great Falls College MSU (GFC MSU) recognizes that learning occurs outside of the college setting. The outcome of this
learning is often the acquisition of skills and/or knowledge which may be equivalent to learning at GFC MSU and other
institutions of Higher Education. GFC MSU may award credit for this learning through the GFC MSU Prior Learning
Assessment Policy 306.1 of the Student Affairs policies. The following checklist will help guide faculty and students
through the Experiential Learning evaluation process and the required form (page 2).
1. Credit may be granted only to admitted, enrolled and degree seeking students and is to be identified on the
student’s transcript as credit for prior experiential learning.
2. A student interested in earning experiential learning credit for a particular course or courses should consult their
advisor and/or the faculty member (faculty sponsor) responsible for the courses in question. Upon consultation
and initial consent of the faculty sponsor and the student’s advisor (if applicable), complete the “Student
Information” and Prior Learning Assessment Course Substitution Informationportions of the attached form.
3. Next, the faculty sponsor and student will collaboratively decide which evaluation process (portfolio,
challenge exam or other type of assessment) will be used for the evaluation of the student’s prior learning to
illustrate equivalency of the course(s) being substituted. Check the appropriate box in the “Evaluation
Process for Assessment of Award section.
4. Collaboratively the faculty sponsor and student will then identify the criteria, components, materials,
documents required, and activities that must occur to complete the evaluation process. The faculty sponsor will
provide the student with documentation outlining objectives, timelines, materials needed, and other pertinent
information to establish clear expectations for the process.
5. Next, print the attached form with the top three portions completed. The student must sign and date in the
appropriate areas.
6. The faculty sponsor and advisor (if applicable) must then confer and agree to approve the plan for assessing the
student’s prior learning for the award of experiential learning credit. If both approve, they must print their
name, sign and date the form.
The faculty sponsor then submits the form and additional documentation to the Registrar. Upon reviewing the
form for accuracy and completion, the Registrar will assess the applicable student fees if a challenge exam is
used and sign and date the form, and pend the form/documents until the evaluation is complete.
8. Once the student completes and submits a portfolio, challenge exam or other type of assessment for
review, the faculty sponsor will make a determination of whether to approve the award of experiential
learning credit for the student’s prior learning. They will then confer with the Division Director and make
their recommendation. If both are in agreement, each will print their name, sign and date the form.
9. Next, the faculty sponsor submits the completed form, criteria for the assessment process, and supporting
documents (e.g. challenge test score, documents for proof of competency, portfolio, etc.) to the Registrar.
They will also notify the student of the successful or unsuccessful award of credit.
10. Finally, the Registrar reviews the completed form and submitted materials. If all are in order and both the
faculty sponsor and Division Director have agreed to approve the award of credit for experiential learning, the
Registrar will post the award to the student’s academic transcript and notify the student of the completed
process. If not approved, the Registrar will notify the student in writing of this decision.
Updated August 2017
Great Falls College MSU
Updated August 2017
Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Request Form
Please review the Prior Learning Assessment Policy and Procedures prior to completion & submission of
this form. Credit may be granted only to admitted, enrolled and degree-seeking students.
Student Information
Full Name: ________________________________________ ID Number: _____________________________
Program: ________________________________________ Advisor: ______________________________
Prior Learning Assessment Course Substitution Information:
Please include the name(s) of course(s) the Prior Learning Assessment Credit for which it will be substituted. Attach additional forms
as necessary.
Course #:
Course Title:
Evaluation Process for Assessment of Award
In consultation with the sponsoring faculty and/or my advisor, the following process will be used to evaluate my prior learning.
Attach the portfolio upon
approval by faculty. Also
include any criteria for what is
required in the portfolio.
Challenge Exam
Attach student score and a
description of testing method.
If applicable, attach a copy of
the completed exam.
Other Faculty - Assessment
List type:
Provide a description of the method or
criteria of evaluating compentency and any
accompanying documentation.
Students will be assessed a $25 per credit prior learning assessment fee for each course substitute attempted through challenge
exams only. Students could also be charged for any materials. Other types of PLA do not have a fee assessed.
Student: __________________________________________ Date: _______________
Note: All submitted materials and documents will become part of the student’s academic record and will be kept on file in the
Registrar’s office and will not be returned. If awarded, credit will be posted on the student’s academic transcript.
APPROVED for review:
Faculty Sponsor: _____________________________ ______________________________ Date: ______________
(print name) (signature)
Student Advisor: ________________________________ __________________________________ Date: _______________
(print name) (signature)
APPROVED for transcription: Recommended for Approval NOT recommended for Approval
Faculty Sponsor: ________________________________ __________________________________ Date: _______________
(print name) (signature)
Division Director: ________________________________ __________________________________ Date: _______________
(print name) (signature)
Fee assessed to student: YES NO Transcript: YES NO
_________________________/_________ ___________________________/_________
Registrar Date Registrar Date
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