Call for Nominations
The upcoming prioritization process requires the active participation of a special group of faculty and
staff wh
o are willing to serve in important roles as members of the Academic and Administrative Task
In the
interest of securing the best possible candidates for membership, we ask for you to nominate
outstanding faculty and staff members for possible appointment by Dr. Wolff. Approximately twelve
faculty and twelve staff will be selected.
Desirable characteristics for members of the Task Forces would include:
Understands and embraces the mission of the College, is student-centered, and would be an
effective member of a team.
Displays personal characteristics such as critical thinking skills, analytic skills, problem solving,
fair mindedness, empathy, and openness to differing viewpoints.
Has earned a high level of credibility as demonstrated by respect of peers, previous leadership
experience, and professional accomplishment.
Possesses the ability to think holistically and maintain an institutional perspective.
This work is valuable and will take time. It is anticipated that Task Forces will spend 3-4 hou
rs per week,
for the entire Fall 2015 semester. Task Force Members will be expected to attend every meeting.
The Administrative Task Force will meet on Mondays from 2 5 pm.
The Academic Task Force will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3 5 pm.
I hereby nominate ______________________________________ to be a member of the
Academic Task Force
Administrative Task Force
Based on the above criteria for membership, I suggest this individual for the following reasons
please cite examples):
My Name