Graduate Equity Fellowship Application Checklist (2018-19)
Please be certain that you have completed the following steps in the application process for the graduate
fellowship. If you have any questions, call the Office of Graduate Studies at (310) 243-3693.
o Complete the attached application. Please type or print legibly.
o Attach (2) letters of reference, including one from a faculty mentor (using the enclosed forms).
o Attach Letter of Intent (please follow instructions on the Letter of Intent form).
o Complete and submit the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid" form via
Please include this checklist with your application packet NO LATER THAN APRIL 15
, 2019
Please drop off completed GEF packet to
The Office of Graduate Studies and Research WH B-445
Qualified students will be interviewed by an advisory committee prior to final selection. Students will be
notified of the final decision, no later than June 15
PHONE: (310) 243-XXXX
What is the Graduate Equity Fellowship?
The Graduate Equity Fellowship Program at CSU Dominguez Hills provides financial support to CSU, Dominguez Hills graduate students who
exhibit strong academic performance. The program is designed to increase the pool of CSU Dominguez Hills graduates who pursue and
complete doctoral programs and consider teaching careers. Fellowships range from $500 to $4500 for the academic year. The maximum grant
period for any student is two years.
Who is eligible?
Graduate Students in need of financial aid, who are accepted to a graduate program, show a strong academic record, have a faculty
sponsor, and commit to a research project are eligible for the fellowship.
Applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and be determined eligible for financial aid in accordance with the
Congressional Methodology and Federal Verification Standards, and maintain the following eligibility criteria:
Be a California resident or have an AB540 affidavit on-file with your CSU campus
Be admitted to a CSU and to a masters program as a classified or conditionally classified student
Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA)
Have financial need of at least $1000
Enroll at least half-time in an eligible masters degree
Maintain satisfactory academic progress (3.0 GPA)
Eligible students are those who are likely to complete a master’s degree expeditiously. One purpose of the fellowship is to minimize the debt
burden by replacing loan money with grant money. It is intended that the fellowship will enable students to complete their programs more
quickly than would otherwise be possible. Graduate fellows are encouraged to continue on to doctoral programs and to consider faculty careers.
What must you do if selected as a graduate fellow?
Must work with a faculty member in your department who will collaborate with you on projects related to your area of research
Must maintain a 3.0 GPA in 6 or more semester units per consecutive term to be consider for continuing participation
Must agree to participate in group meetings and ongoing advising
Must prepare a presentation for the Campus Research Event, Student Research Day, and the CSU Annual Research
Competition and Conference.
Must volunteer at New Graduate Student Orientation
You may expect your fellowship to be renewed for a second year if you fulfill the above requirements.
How do I apply?
The following are steps to follow in applying for the Graduate Equity Fellowship. Read and follow the directions precisely.
1. Graduate Equity Fellowship application - Complete the attached application legibly and thoroughly.
2. Financial Aid Application. - If you have not already applied for financial aid for the term for which you are applying for the
Graduate Equity Fellowship, you must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA
applications are available from the financial aid office. NOTE: Processing of the FAFSA form takes 4-6 weeks, so please plan
3. Letters of Reference - Have two (2) letters of reference submitted to the Graduate Equity Fellowship Coordinator (WH 445). One
letter must be from a faculty member at the last college you attended. The other letter must be from your proposed faculty mentor.
4. Letter of Intent - Submit a Letter of Intent with the enclosed graduate fellowship application.
Part 1: Personal Information
Name: _________________________________ Student I.D. #
Last First
Address: ____________________________ Phone #: _
____________________________ Email: ____________________________
CSUDH Admission status:
Accepted: _______________ Master’s in: _____________ Faculty Mentor:
Term & Year Program
Part 2: Honors and Service
Please list any awards that you have received or services that you have provided to your community or
college. Please list the organization or college, responsibility or award, as well as the dates of
Part 3: Educational Information
Please list all colleges and universities that you have attended. Please list dates of attendance and degrees
Part 4: References
Please list the two references submitting letters on your behalf. One reference must be a faculty member
at the college you last attended, and the other must be your prospective faculty mentor.
Name Title/Institution
Name Title/Institution
Letter of Intent
To be completed by applicant (please type):
Graduate Program:
Please attach a letter to this form, inserting the following:
Your professional goals.
Your devotion/commitment to education (discuss prior educational performance and goals).
Why and how you meet the selection criteria for the Graduate Equity Fellowship.
Your plan for pursuing a research project and your area of interest.
Mail to: The Office of Graduate Studies Office, WH -445
CSU Dominguez Hills
1000 East Victoria Street
Carson, California 90747
The Family Education Right and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, provides an applicant with the right of future access to the contents of this
recommendation form. The act also provides an applicant with an option of waiving this right, but stipulates that no school or person can require
an applicant to exercise the waiver as a condition for evaluating this application. I have read and understand the statement of conditions set by
federal law concerning my rights of future access to this recommendation form.
Please sign and date the appropriate statement.
I hereby waive my right of future access to its contents and authorize the above named person to provide California State University, Dominguez Hills
with all appropriate evaluations and information that may be required in support of this application.
Signature: Date:
I do not waive my right of future access to its contents, but authorize the above named person to provide California State University, Dominguez Hills
with a candid evaluation and other relevant information that may be required in support of this application.
Signature Date:
To be completed by respondent: Please attach a letter to this form incorporating the following items:
Indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity
Describe in some detail the applicant’s academic abilities
Comment on his/her academic potential
Provide any pertinent information regarding the character, integrity, personality and interests of the applicant
Give your perception of his/her desire to continue his/her education
If possible, please rate the applicant in relation to other students or persons you have known of comparable experience
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