Spring 2020 Request for Late Withdrawal (W)
or No Credit (NC)
Deadline for submission: June 1, 2020
CSUDH understands the unprecedented and ongoing impact of the coronavirus
pandemic on your academic career. In response to this unique situation, the University
is offering several exceptions to allow you greater influence over the outcome of your
Spring 2020 term, while still maintaining the integrity of your CSUDH degree.
As an undergraduate, if you receive a letter grade of D+ or below for any Spring
2020 course, you have the option to request that a mark of No Credit (NC) replace
the letter grade.
As a graduate or post-baccalaureate student, if you receive a letter grade of C-
or below for any Spring 2020 course, you have the option to request that a mark
of No Credit (NC) replace the letter grade.
All students have the option to request a Late Withdrawal (W) in place of a letter
grade for any Spring 2020 course.
To help you consider this choice and its long-term implications, please carefully
review the information below before submitting this request.
1. You will not earn any credit for the mark of NC or W, nor will your grade point
average (GPA) be affected. In contrast, for an undergraduate, a grade of D will
negatively impact your GPA but will also allow you to earn unit credit and, in
some cases, subject credit.
2. If you are considering applying to law school in the future, you should know that
the Law School Data Assembly Service considers NC a failing grade.
3. Any Spring 2020 course in which you take a mark of NC or W will not count
toward the number of times a course may be repeated, nor will it count toward
the unit limits normally associated with marks of W and the Credit/No Credit
(CR/NC) grading option.
4. As an undergraduate student, you would qualify for the Dean’s List in each
semester in which you earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher in 12 or more units of letter-
graded courses. As a result, the designation “Honors” would appear on your
official transcript. If you choose the mark of NC or W in any course, the units
from that course will no longer be included in your total of letter-graded units and
you may no longer be eligible for the Dean’s List.
5. Students in programs that have external accrediting bodies should consult with
the faculty in their departments before exercising this option. If you are in any
of the following programs, please be sure to consult with the appropriate
advisor before requesting the NC and/or W option: Teacher Education-DLL
Option, Teacher Education-Multiple and Single Subject Credentials, Teacher
Education-MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction Option, Special
Education-Credentials and MA, School Leadership-Credential and MA, Nursing,
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Department of Human Services.
Additional grading information is available on the Grades and Grade Points web site.
Further information regarding these options can be found on the University Advising
Center's COVID-19 Grading page.
You may submit your completed form no later than June 1, 2020, to
admit@csudh.edu. You will be notified via email when your record is updated.
This will typically be within 5-7 business days after submission of a request(s)
for Late Withdrawal (W), and by June 15 for requests involving the No Credit
(NC) option.
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Course Dept. Course # Section # Option requested (W or NC)
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