Blue Chip SUPer Club - Thames Sailing Club
SUP Board Storage Booking Form
General Conditions: -
1. Only fully paid up members can apply to use Club Board Storage Unit
2. Board can only be left in the storage unit once the current storage fee has been received
3. We advise storing your board in a suitable board bag.
4. Boards with removable fins MUST be stored with the fins REMOVED
5. We advise you to lock your board within its storage slot using your own security cable and padlock.
6. All boards in the storage unit must display the supplied ID tag
7. There will be a high security padlock and a combination lock
8. Users will be issued with a single numbered key to the storage unit and the combination code
9. The combination code will be changed from time to time and notified to registered storage users
10. Replacement keys will be at a cost of £20
11. There will be a storage unit user list displayed on the inside of the unit door.
12. The storage unit must be locked at all times when unattended, this includes: -
a. Going for a short paddle or going up to the car park or going to the clubhouse
13. If the storage unit is found unattended and unlocked, the offender may have their storage place forfeited.
14. SUP storage fees must be paid before 31
January each year for continuation of the facility.
15. Unauthorised equipment left in the storage unit will be removed and placed in an unlocked area.
16. To give the widest benefit to all club members, each Member may only reserve one storage place.
Please reserve me a space in the Clubs SUP Board storage unit for year commencing 2020
Hard-shell board / inflated iSUP board £75 per year
Deflated iSUP board in its bag £30 per year
Name Membership No.
Address Post Code
Email Phone No.
Board Store Administrator: -
Brian Johncey
NOTE: - Space in the storage unit will not be allocated until we receive correct payment
Disclaimer: -
All equipment placed in the Club’s SUP storage unit should be fully insured by the owners of such equipment. All
equipment placed in the club storage unit is left there entirely at the owner’s risk. Blue Chip SUPer Club and or Thames
Sailing Club do not accept any liability whatsoever on any account for any items left in the storage unit.
Please return the completed form to along with the correct
payment confirmation:- Ref. Your Initials, Surname and ‘Board Storage”
BACS payment to:-
Barclays Bank plc Sort Code:- 20-46-73 Account Number:- 30 89 40 87