Writers Online character creation template
Section One: The Basics
Character name: Age:
Role in story (ie, main, secondary, supporting) Occupation:
Section Two: Character sketch
What do other people see of them?
What was their childhood like?
What are they hiding?
Significant moments that changed their life?
Appearance at first glance:
How do they speak?
What is important to them?
Who are they close to?
What do they wear and why are they wearing it?
Basic need or want that will be fulfilled in the story:
Relationship history:
Character flaw: Character strength:
Section Three: your character in your novel
Who or what do they love most?
What do they believe in?
What is the most impressive thing about them?
What do they need to achieve in relation to your plot?
What specific plot points and incidents need to be written?
How does their life relate to your book’s themes?
Do they have any backstory related to your plot?
Who or what do they hate most?
What quirks do they have?
What is the worst thing they have ever done?
How can you show this?
Do they have any backstory related to your themes?
What specific scenes and passages would exemplify this?
What changes in their personality and circumstances will be effected by the end of the novel?