n Fee Loan
Application form for continuing Postgraduate students 2020/21
The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at www.studentnanceni.co.uk
About this form
You should complete and return this form if you are a continuing Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan
Student. If you self-funded your previous year you will need to complete the Application Form for
new Postgraduate students.
Application Deadline
You have until 9 months after the start of your academic year to submit an application.
If your application is sent after this date, you won’t be eligible for funding.
Privacy Notice
To nd out how we’ll use the information you provide go to
www.studentnanceni.co.uk/privacynotice to read our Privacy Notice before completing
this form.
Disabled Students Allowances
You can apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) if you have a disability which meets the
denition of a disability under the Equality Act 2010, including a:
long-term health condition
mental health condition
specic learning difculty, for example: dyslexia
To apply or to nd out more about DSAs go to www.studentnanceni.co.uk
Before you start the application make sure you read the 6 things
on the next page.
All of our forms and guides are available in Braille, large print format or audio. If you need these, you can
request them by emailing your name, address and details of the format you require to:
brailleandlargefonts@slc.co.uk or call 0141 243 3686 (this number is only for alternative format requests).
It’s important you read the following 6 things before applying
for a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan.
1 The maximum amount of Postgraduate Loan for tuition fees available to
you this year depends on the length of your course and other factors.
2 We started charging interest on your loan from the date we made the
rst payment to your university.
3 The interest rate you’ll be charged while you’re studying will be the
Retail Price Index (RPI) of the previous March, or 1% above the highest
base rate of a nominated group of banks (Bank Base Rate), whichever
is lower. You can nd out the latest interest rate on
4 You’ll start making repayments to your loan when your income is above
£19,390 per year. You’ll repay 9% of anything you earn over
this amount.
5 If your loan hasn’t been repaid within 25 years, it’ll be written off.
6 You need to register at your university again before we can pay your
tuition fees.
Your information
The information you give during the application process will be used to assess
your entitlement to student nance. It is your responsibility to ensure the
information is correct.
It is an offence to knowingly provide false information in this application.
You’re now ready to apply for a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan
Section 1 Your details
This icon means there is additional information below the question.
1.1 Personal details
Complete these details exactly as stated on
your passport, birth certificate or ID card.
If your name has changed since your passport,
birth certificate or ID card was issued you need
to send us documents to show this.
You need to send us one of the following:
• your change of name deed; or
your marriage certificate or civil partnership
documentation; or
• your divorce certificate or dissolution order.
Mr Mrs Miss Ms
Doctor Professor
Surname/family name
Male Female
Date of Birth
Day Month Year
1.2 Customer Reference Number
Your Customer Reference Number is your
personal reference number and is 11 digits long.
You’ll have a Customer Reference Number if
you’ve applied for student finance, or supported
an application for someone else’s student finance
from any of the following:
Student Loans Company
Student Finance England
Student Finance Wales
Student Finance NI
1.3 Contact details
Provide an email address so we can keep you
up-to-date with the progress of your
application. We’ll also use your mobile number
to text you with important information.
You should let us know as soon as possible if
any of your details change.
Mobile phone number
Home phone number
Email address
Section 1 Your details
1.4 What is your home address?
You should let us know as soon as possible if
any of your details change.
Home address (give your full address details)
1.5 Will you live somewhere other than
your home address while you study?
You can update your address(es) at any time by
logging into your online account or by calling us.
No – go to section 2
Yes – give details
Term-time address
1.6 When did/will you move to your
term-time address?
Day Month Year
This icon means there is additional information below the question.
Section 2 Your Postgraduate course
2.1 Will you be studying at exactly the
same university or college and on
exactly the same course that
you were attending in the previous
academic year?
Yes – go to section 3
2.2 Give details about the postgraduate
course you are now studying
University name
University address
Name of campus/location
Course name
Start date of the first year of your course
Month Year
Course type
Taught Master’s
Research-based Master’s
PG Certificate
PG Diploma
Study type
Section 2 Your Postgraduate course
2.3 How long is your course?
1 year
2 years
3 years
2.4 What year of your course are you
starting this year?
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
2.5 Is this a distance learning course?
Yes – are you studying on a distance learning
course because you or a member of your
family are in the armed forces?
Yes – read the notes below to find
out what to send.
2.6 Will you be studying overseas for
over half of your entire course?
If you are studying overseas because you or a
member of your family are in the armed forces
please answer ‘no’
Yes you should contact us on
0300 100 0493 before completing
your application.
If you’re not studying a distance learning course due to you or a family member being in the armed forces you must be
living in Northern Ireland on the first day of your course to be eligible for a Postgraduate Loan.
You may be eligible for support to study a distance learning course if you or your family member is currently serving
both in and outside of the UK in one of the following; The Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines), The Army,
The Royal Air Force, The Royal Military Police, The Gurkhas
The following family members will be eligible students:
• A spouse or civil partner living with a member of the UK Armed Forces serving in the UK or overseas
• A dependant parent living with either;
- A child who is a member of the UK Armed Forces serving in the UK or overseas
- The child’s spouse or civil partner who is a member of the UK Armed Forces serving in the UK or overseas
If you are studying in a different country from where you live you can only get a Postgraduate Loan if you study less
than 50% of your course in that country.
What you need to send
You need to send a letter confirming your name and your address, or British Forces Post Office address.
If your family member is in the Armed Forces, you need to send a letter confirming the following:
• their name
• their address or British Forces Post Office (BFPO) address
• your name
• their relationship to you
The letter you send must be stamped, signed and dated by the Armed Forces Unit Records Officer. We can’t accept a
photocopy. We recommend that you use your BFPO address for all correspondence.
This icon means there is additional information below the question.
Section 3 Loan request section
Information about your loan
1 The amount of loan you can get depends on cost of your course.
2 Your loan will be paid directly to your university in three instalments.
3 If your course costs more than the amount of loan you can get, you’ll need to pay the difference to
your university.
3.1 How much would you like to borrow?
You can borrow up to £5,500 in total to pay for your tuition fees over the length of your course. You
decide how much you want to borrow each year up to this maximum amount.
You can’t borrow more than the tuition fee being charged for each year of your course.
Example: Dan is doing a 2 year course costing £7,000
Year 1
The rst year of Dan’s course costs £4,000.
He asks for the maximum and his university
gets paid £4,000.
Year 2
The next year of Dan’s course costs
£3,000. He asks for the maximum and
his university gets paid £1,500. He
then pays £1,500 himself.
How much would you like to borrow this year?
the maximum available to me (depending on the fees charged by your university, this may not
cover the cost of your course and you may have to pay the difference)
a lower amount of £
Section 4 Your additional contacts
We know that people sometimes forget to let us know if they move home or change telephone
numbers. So that we can keep in contact with you please provide us with two additional contacts.
We’ll only use their details to get back in contact with you, nothing else. By entering these details,
you’re conrming you’ve told them about this and they’re happy for The Student Loans Company Ltd
to contact them if necessary.
Where possible provide UK based contacts.
4.1 Give the contact details for your
first addition
al contact
This person can live at the same address
as you.
Contact 1
Full name
Relationship to you
Postcode/Zip code
Phone number (
including international dial code if outside UK)
4.2 Give the contact details for your
second additional contact
Your second alternative contact can’t live at the
same address as you or your first contact.
Contact 2
Full name
Relationship to you
Postcode/Zip code
Phone number
(including international dial code if outside UK)
Section 5 Terms and Conditions
You must sign, date and return this form before any payment can be made to you.
If you cannot sign the form it must be signed on your behalf by your attorney.
The Power of Attorney letter must be sent with the application before a signature from that attorney
will be accepted.
These terms and conditions (“terms”) and applicable
legislation apply to all of the student finance available
to students for the academic year 2020/21.
I understand that my application for student
finance may be delayed unless I sign and date
these terms.
Loan Contract
1. I confirm I have read and understood these terms
and A Guide to Terms and Conditions available
at www.studentfinanceni.co.uk/terms-and-
2. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and
belief, the information I have provided is true and
complete. If it is not, I understand that I may not
receive student finance, any support I have had
may be withdrawn and I could be prosecuted.
I understand that student finance is provided
to me by the Department for the Economy (the
“Lender”) which includes any persons acting on
its behalf and any replacement(s) under Article
4(3) of the Education (Student Support) (Northern
Ireland) Order 1998 as amended or replaced from
time to time (the “Order”).
4. I understand these terms, the Order and the
regulations made under Article 3 of the Order will
apply to any student finance provided to me by
the Lender
5. I understand that “student finance” in these terms
means financial support by way of grant(s) and/or
loan(s) made by the Lender under the regulations.
6. I understand that the Student Loans Company
Limited (“SLC”) and the Education Authority (“EA”)
carry out certain functions on behalf of the Lender.
My Obligations
7. I understand that if I have:
(i) reached the age of 18 years; and
(ii) have entered into agreement(s) for a loan
under the Order before I reached the age of
18 years,
I am agreeing to “ratify” any and all such student
loans by signing these terms. This means that
I confirm I entered into agreement(s) with the
Lender and agree to the terms of any such
previous agreement(s). If I have reached the
age of 18 and refuse to “ratify” any previous
agreement(s), I understand that I will not be
eligible to get any further student finance under
the regulations.
8. I agree to give SLC and EA any information they
need in support of this application for student
finance and to seek repayment.
9. I agree to tell SLC and EA immediately if my
circumstances change in any way that might affect
my entitlement to student finance. I understand
that if I do not do this I may not get any further
payments and I may have to repay the student
finance I have already received. I agree that from
the date I submit my student finance application
until my loan(s), together with all and any interest,
penalties and charges which apply, is fully repaid
I must tell SLC and EA about any changes in my
personal details (including my National Insurance
number) and contact details I have provided.
I agree that if I get an overpayment of student
finance, I need to repay this in full and that any
overpayment may be taken from any future
entitlement to student finance.
11. I agree that I will repay the Lender any loan(s),
together with all and any interest, penalties
and charges which apply. I understand that this
repayment will be due by me to the Lender as
a debt. If I breach any of the terms of my loan,
I agree to pay any charges and penalties which
apply under the Order and the regulations. I
understand that I will repay my loan(s) through the
United Kingdom (“UK”) tax system and/or I may
repay SLC directly. If I live abroad, I will repay my
loan(s) to SLC directly.
I agree that any loan(s) made to me in
accordance with the regulations once my
application is accepted by the Lender is a/
are contract(s) between me and the Lender. I
understand that I am liable for my loan(s) and will
be charged interest from the first payment of the
loan advance by the Lender.
I agree to tell SLC if I leave the UK to live outside
the UK or if for any other reason I am outside the
UK tax system for more than three months.
Legal Action and Applicable Law
14. In the event of any legal action, I agree that the
laws of Northern Ireland will apply and that the
courts of that part of the UK will hear any legal
action. If my address is outside the UK the laws
of the part of the UK where my education provider
is situated will apply and the courts of that part of
the UK will hear any legal action. I agree that the
Lender has the right to take legal action against
me in any other court with jurisdiction.
Section 5 Loan Declaration - continued
Sharing Information
15. If I am in breach of these terms and/or the
regulations I agree that the Lender may share
information held about me and my account
with third parties, including the government or
a government agency of another country, who
may help to locate me and/or help take action to
recover any payments I owe.
16. I confirm where I have provided any personal
information about any other person in my student
finance application, I have done so with their
17. I understand that SLC will process my personal
data in line with the Privacy Notice available at
which may be updated from time to time.
Disabled Students’ Allowances (“DSAs”)
This section applies if I apply for DSAs this
academic year.
18. I understand that any equipment I receive through
DSAs must be used for my course of study and
that I am responsible for paying any repair costs.
19. I understand SLC reserves the right to pay
the suppliers of any approved equipment and
support directly. I will be notified if SLC will make
payments directly to suppliers on my behalf.
Alternative Funding
20. I confirm that I have not previously received any
loan(s) for a Postgraduate Master’s degree where
this was provided out of funds from another UK
government authority.
21. I confirm that I have not previously received
a base grant or contribution to costs grant for
a Postgraduate Master’s degree under the
Education (Student Support) Postgraduate
s Degrees (Wales) Regulations 2019.
Customer Reference Number
Your signature (in ink)
Today’s date
Day Month Year
Section 6 Finalising your application
6.1 Have you answered all the questions
that apply to you?
No – if you don’t complete a section or
question you’ve been asked to this could
delay your application.
6.2 Have you signed and dated your
terms and conditions in Section 5?
No – you must sign the terms and conditions,
we can’t process your application
without it.
6.3 Have you included all the supporting
documents or completed additional
forms we’ve asked for?
Sections 1 and 2 might ask you to send
supporting documents depending on your
Section 2 may also have instructed you to
complete an additional form to provide
further informatio
Check to make sure you have all the right
documents and additional forms to support
your application. The notes will tell you
what you need to send depending on
your situation.
No – gather all the documents we’ve asked
for before you return your application, it
won’t be accepted without them.
Yes now read the information on the next
page to find out where and when to
return your completed application form.
How to return your continuing Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan application
1 – Got everything we need?
You’ll need to send all the supporting documents we’ve asked for and any additional forms you’ve
been asked to complete. We can’t process your application without them.
2 – Check your postage
Make sure what you’re sending is weighed and the correct postage is fully paid.
Remember to ask for proof of postage.
3 – Return your application on time
Send us your completed application as soon as possible to make sure your funding is in place for the
start of your course.
Send it to:
Student Finance NI
Postgraduate Ofce
Ballee Centre
Ballee Road West
BT42 2HS