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Editable Sight Word Games
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Clip Art & Fonts Credit
How to Use the
Editable Games
You can use the games in two ways.
1 Print the games as is, and write in the words you want your students to
2 Type the words you want your students to practice, and then print the
IMPORTANT: If you want to type in the words, you must follow this tutorial for it
to work. Please follow all these steps before sending an email for
1 To use the same font, go to Teachers Pay Teachers and log in (you can
create an account for free if you don’t have one). Download and install KG
Primary Penmanship from Kimberly Geswein to your computer (free for
personal use).
Teachers Pay Teachers:
KG Primary Penmanship font:
2 - Download this document to your computer. Then open with the most
recent version of Adobe Reader. You can get Adobe Reader for free here:
(Do not try to edit before you download the file, or you may not be able to
see the editable fields.)
Click on and type the spelling words in the blue boxes.
3 – Save your work and print the game(s).
Game #1:
How to Play:
1. Type sight words on the cards on the following pages.
2. Print and cut apart the cards.
3. Place the cards face down, either in a pile or spread out.
4. Have learners take turns drawing a card and reading it aloud.
5. If learners read the cards correctly, they may keep them. If they
draw a BANG card, they must return all their cards to the pile.
(Optional: keep the BANG card out to avoid having it drawn too
many times.)
6. At the end of a predetermined time (such as 5 or 10 minutes),
learners count their cards to see who has the most. The player
is the winner.
Game #2:
Sight Word
Parki ng Lot
How to Play:
1. Type sight words onto the spaces of the parking lot on the
fol l owi n g p a g e.
2. Learners can read the words as they park toy cars in the spaces.
3. Alternatively, you can name a word and tell your learner to park a
car in that spot.
4. Another option is to write the sight words on painters tape and
stick the labels to the cars. Learners can read the labels and match
the cards to the corresponding parking spots.
Sight Word
Parking Lot
Game #3:
Ti c Ta c Toe
How to Play:
1. Choose either the large Tic Tac Toe board (one on a page) or the
smaller boards (four to a page).
2. Type a sight word in each space.
3. Have learners take turns reading a word and covering it with an X
or an O. The first to get three in a row, wins.
Sight Word
Tic Tac Toe
Sight Word
Tic Tac Toe
Game #4:
Roll & Read
Sight Words
How to Play:
1. Type sight words in each column.
2. Have learners take turns rolling a die and reading the words in the
corresponding column.
3. Play for a predetermined amount of time, or until each player has
read each column at least once.
Roll & Read
Sight Words
Game #5:
Fol l o w t h e Si g h t
Word Path
How to Play:
1. Type sight words into each space on the game.
2. Have learners take turns rolling a die to move along the board. As
learners land on a word, they should read it aloud.
3. The first to get to Finish, wins.
Follow the Sight Word Path
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