The return shipping address being used will be the address in your account profile at . Please make sure that is up to date with the best shipping address
to avoid possible shipping delays and complications.
Shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer, whom will also bear all risk of lost
or damaged merchandise during shipment to XFX. It is recommended that you use a
standard shipping service such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. It is also recommended
that you obtain a tracking or delivery confirmation number.
Please avoid the use of soft packages or padded mail envelopes, as they will not
provide adequate protection for the product. Any damage caused by inadequate
protection during transit will void the warranty and the product will be shipped back as
Please put the product in an anti-static bag (use a brown paper bag if an anti-static bag
is not available) before packing the product. Avoid any materials which may increase
risk for static electricity discharge such as aluminum foil, electrical tape, duct tape, etc.
Only the faulty item is required. Please do not send any accessories (including games,
cables, manuals, etc.) originally supplied with the product. Such items and the package
used to ship the product in are recycled and will not be returned. All replacements are
sent in non-retail packaging with only the product included. This includes modular
power cables for power supplies, only the core PSU unit is needed.
Items received missing the XFX serial number or with any physical damage will be
rejected and returned as is.
All RMA's must be received within 30 days from the date the RMA number was
issued. If a product is not received within 30 days, and the warranty on the product
expires, the RMA number will not be renewed.
If your product it still within the warranty period and the RMA is cancelled then it
may be reopened by contacting the support team via your support ticket.
Print Form
Customer is responsible for paying all international duty and customs charges to and
from XFX. Shipment of International returns may encounter additional delays.
A copy of the original invoice should be included with the product to help processing
the return shipment through customs. If a copy of the invoice is not included there will
be increased chances of customs or duties fees on the shipment.
Items will be thoroughly examined for physical damage, and then will be tested
before any action is taken.
Items deemed faulty will be replaced or repaired (subject to availability). If an item is
replaced, the replacement will be the same exact model or a model deemed as equivalent
(equal or better 3D performance) by XFX.
XFX reserves the right to provide a replacement based on the performance of the
original purchased product and not features, current market value, or original purchase
price. XFX also reserves the right to replace products with like models of a different
type, for example AMD with NVIDIA, or NVIDIA with AMD.
Replacements units are refurbished/remanufactured units and any replacement will
inherit the warranty of your original product. A replacement does not extend or alter your
original warranty.
All products must be shipped back in original stock configuration. Items permanently
modified or damaged due to modification may be refused for warranty servicing.
Any product sent in with a missing or altered serial sticker will not receive warranty
service and be shipped back as is.
Any physical damage, either accidental or environmental, is not covered under
warranty. Items with parts broken off, removed, scratched, corroded, rusted, with residue/
foreign material, or mishandled will not be repaired, they will be immediately returned.
Pictures will be taken upon unpacking and inspection.
Full warranty details can be found at
Please Fill out the information below. By filling out and signing the information below you agree to our Terms and
Conditions, so be sure to read them carefully. Be aware that in the absence of this form with a return all the Terms
and Conditions will still apply.
Problem Description:
Please check the box(s) that best describes your issue:
The location you send your RMA to is:
I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and accept them.
Name Printed Date
Other / testing
notes. Anything
to help replicate
the fault.
RMA Number
Serial Number
Ticket Number
Part Number
Fan Failure
No POST - Powers on Performance issues in game
Video playback issueNo POST - No system power
Overheating - Fan seems good
POST graphical distortions
Multiple monitor issueLooses video on windows load
System reboots randomly
System Freezes / HardlockWindows desktop graphical issues
System shuts down randomly
Coil whine / Other noiseGames graphical distorions
Display driver crashes or error
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