Pro Bono Agreement
PostcardMania Postcard Donation Agreement
I ______________________________ an authorized representative of ____________________
understand that PostcardMania is donating all or a portion of the cost of postcards and/or design and/
or mailing services and that in doing this they are incurring an expense. As PostcardMania is donating
these printing materials, I understand that the words “Lovingly donated by PostcardMania” will appear
on my art in some manner in fine print so as not to detract from my main message.
I understand that PostcardMania is not donating any of the postage or shipping fees and that I am
responsible for the full amount of postage due for the mailing (see postage rates) and/or shipping fees.
I confirm that we have the funds raised for the postage and that the printed materials will not go to
waste, they will be mailed or distributed at the expense of _________________________________ .
I also attest that I have read all the instructions (see attached).
By: ___________________________________________________________________________
Printed Name/Title: _______________________________________________________________
Date: _________________________________________________________________________
Fax or email your application and signed agreement to:
Rachel Scott
Pro Bono Department
Phone: 800-628-1804 ext. 454
Fax: 727-442-5130
Email: rachels@postcardmania.com
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