EQuIP Task Review Rubric Mathematics
Task Title___________________________________ Grade ______ Date_________________ Rating:
Targeted Standards____________________________________ Mathematical Practices ____________________
Rating Descriptors:
E: Most criteria are checked, including both in Dimension I and those that are appropriate for the task’s purpose in Dimension II and III. The
task is likely to promote successful learning and/or assessment of the skills and knowledge required in the targeted CCSS.
E/I: Many criteria are checked. The task is aligned to the CCSS and has potential but could benefit from some minor improvements.
R: Some criteria are checked. The task has potential but needs significant revision to be considered effective.
N: The task is not recommended for instruction and/or assessment of the CCSS.
III. Support for Implementation
The task includes relevant supporting information or materials that ensure effective administration of the task and evaluation
of student thinking.
The task can be used to elicit direct, observable evidence of the degree to which each student can demonstrate the skills
and knowledge addressed in the targeted CCSS.
Supporting materials include answer keys, rubrics, and/or scoring guidelines that are clearly connected to the targeted
CCSS and provide sufficient guidance for interpreting student performance.
The task’s prompts and directions provide sufficient guidance for the teacher to administer it effectively and for the
students to complete it successfully.
The task is accessible to and appropriate for all learners, including students who are English language learners or are
working below or above grade level.
The task cultivates student interest and/or engagement in the mathematics.
Notes and observations regarding support features that may be required for effective administration of the task:
I. Alignment to the CCSS
II. Attention to the Instructional Shifts
The task clearly aligns with one or
more CCSS.
The performance
expectations of the task
address the mathematics,
with precision and accuracy,
for at least part of one CCSS.
The task includes
opportunities for a student
to apply, and a teacher to
observe, at least one
Standard for Mathematical
The task supports the key shifts that are reflected in the CCSS.
The task requires students to engage fully with the mathematics of the task, including
providing opportunities for the appropriate aspects of rigor, as required by the
targeted standards:
To independently apply mathematical concepts to real world situations
To apply their conceptual understanding of the mathematical content
To practice and use core calculations and mathematical procedures quickly
and accurately
The task requires students to connect foundational knowledge to grade-level
concepts, as required by the coherence in the standards.
The task addresses, or can be used to support, a critical concept(s) for the grade
Notes and observations regarding alignment and attention to the instructional shifts of the CCSS:
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