Pro Bono Application
PostcardMania Pro Bono Application
OVERVIEW: Having PostcardMania handle the direct mailing needs of 69,000+ customers in over
350 industries nationwide wasn’t enough for Founder & CEO, Joy Gendusa. She decided to set up
a department within her company with the sole purpose of handling pro bono work for non-profit
organizations — the only stipulation being that these organizations have the purpose of assisting
mankind to improve his lot and make the world a better place. To this end, PostcardMania donates
design, printing and mailing services of hundreds of thousands of printed marketing materials for non-
profit charities all over the country.
If you would like your organization to be considered for pro bono work, please fill out the form below
and return it to PostcardMania if:
1) You are non-prot
2) You are helping mankind or the world to be a better place.
Once your application is complete, please email/fax it to our pro bono department (contact info below),
for consideration. We receive many requests each week and we cannot make any promises, but we
look forward to reviewing your request.
Contact Person: _______________________________ Date: __________________________________
Name of Organization: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: _________________
Main Phone Number: ___________________________ Cell Phone Number: _______________________
Fax Number: _________________________________ Email address: ___________________________
Website: _______________________________________________________________________________
Is your organization a non-profit?
Yes No
If yes, what type of non-profit is it? __________________________________________________________
Reason for donation(s) request:
Brief bio of your event, project or organization:
What are you looking to achieve with your donation for your event, project or organization?
Why do you feel PostcardMania should help your event, project or organization?
Have you requested pro bono work from PostcardMania before?
Yes No
If donation is for an event, please list event date: ______________________________________________
What date would you need the donation(s) by? _______________________________________________
** Please note that we DO NOT approve any RUSH pro bono orders. Your donation due date must be no less
than 3 weeks from request date. This provides us with time to design, print and ship your cards.**
Please identify what you are requesting:
” x 6” Postcards - Indicate the number of postcards you are requesting (we print in increments of
5,000 minimum) ____________
6” x 8½” Postcards - Indicate the number of postcards you are requesting (we print in increments of
5,000 minimum) ____________
Full Design - PostcardMania designers will create your postcard from scratch.
Partial Design - Some or all of the artwork is being supplied by you.
Mailing Service (Addressing) - If you would like to mail your postcards to your own provided mailing list,
PostcardMania has a certified software package from the U.S. Post Oce that reads the addresses and
assigns each a bar code. This software also removes all the addresses it recognizes as undeliverable
so that you don’t pay postage for cards that will inevitably be returned because of a bad address. If you
would like this service donated, please check the box. PostcardMania will not provide a mailing list for
you pro bono; you will need to provide your own or purchase one from PostcardMania.
** PostcardMania does not pay postage or shipping costs. These are your sole responsibility should you be
approved for pro bono postcards and/or other donations. **
For your calculations, postage costs are:
· First Class Presort (4¼ x6) 27.5¢ – 28.4¢
· First Class Presort (6 x8½) 40.1¢ - 43.9¢
· Standard Presort(4¼ x6)23¢ - 30.¢
· Standard Presort(6 x8½)29¢ - 30.4¢
· Non-Profit Standard 16.3¢ - 18.5¢(applies to organizations with non-profit mailing permit)
Shipping – We use FedEx Ground to ship all cards. Shipping fees will be calculated and collected from
you at the time your item(s) are ready to be shipped out.
Other Request – If you would like to request something other than the options above, please explain
your request here:
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