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Course Addition Form
The Course Addition Form must be completed in full in order for the course proposal to be reviewed by the Division
Committee and Graduate Programs and Policy Committee before recommendation for approval to the Board of
Graduate Studies and Senate. For each new course proposal, a course outline must be provided along with the required
information in the fields below.
A completed library assessment is required for all new courses proposed for approval. A library assessment will be
requested on your behalf by the Office of Graduate Studies. Requests should be submitted well in advance of deadlines
as assessments normally take a minimum of three weeks. (See details below.)
Academic department/unit responsible for the course (and percent if more than one):
Course Prefix: _________________________ Course Number: ________________________
The Office of Graduate Studies assigns course prefixes and numbers. Contact Laurie Winn for assistance.
Course Title: ___________________________________________________________
Short Title (30 characters max)
This is the title that will appear on the students official transcript.
Semester(s) Offering: F W S U
Do you wish the semester designation to be printed in the Calendar? Yes No
Placement in Calendar (indicate subheading under which course is to be listed, if applicable):
Mandatory Co-requisite(s):
Other Restrictions:
Lecture Hours/Week: _________ Laboratory or Tutorial Hours/Week: _________
Offered by distance: Yes No
Total Contact Hours/Week: _________ Total Student Time & Effort on Course/Week: _________
Proposed Credits: 0.0 0.25 0.50 1.0
Credit Guidelines: Choose only one. If proposed credits do not conform to guidelines, attach a full explanation.
0.0 (Seminartype courses, unless a higher rating is justified and approved)
0.25 (Halfsemester courses, including sixweek courses, unless contact hours & workload is doubled in the sixweek period)
0.5 (Semester courses, usually given throughout one semester) (student time & effort on task = approximately 1012 hours per week)
1.0 (Double courses, including two semester courses, typically major paper courses)
Scheduling: Annually Alternate Years
Is this course cross-listed with other courses?
Please indicate which level of courses are cross-listed below.
Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of the
courses Undergraduate & Graduate:
List courses: Yes
Masters & Masters:
List courses: No
Masters & Doctoral:
List courses:
In instances of different degrees, please describe the masters or doctoral level component that differentiates the two:
Yes No
Instructors signature required?
Designated as a two-semester course, with students registering in each semester. Students receive INP (in progress) at the
end of the first semester and a grade at the end of the second semester.
Designated as a multiple-semester course. Is this course designed to require more than one semester for completion, with
student registering in each semester with one grade at the end?
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Maximum number of times a student may take this course: once only twice only unlimited
Proposed Grade Scheme: Numeric SAT/UNS (reserved for seminar or practice courses only)
Proposed calendar description (Please ensure the course description is grammatically correct i.e. complete sentences) 45
words or less:
Library Assessment: To prepare the assessment, library staff will consult with faculty to identify resources and/or library
services needed to support the new course, e.g. books, required texts, journal, e-learning support, information literacy
instruction. If you are aware of any new library resources that will be needed, please list them here:
a. Required course textbook(s), if known:
b. Any key journals or other resources, which the Library does not already have?
Please provide detailed explanations for the Division & Programs Committees on the following:
1. Outcomes of the course, including how the Universitys Learning Outcomes are addressed, and how this
course maps to the curriculum.
Graduate Degree Learning Outcomes:
Critical and Creative Thinking:
Global Understanding:
Professional and Ethical Behaviour:
2. Material to be covered, including emphasis and anticipated depth of study.
3. Method of course presentation.
4. Method of evaluation (include breakdown of marks)
5. Reason for this course offering and intended user group(s)
6. Are there other departments/schools with expertise in the areas covered by this course?
If yes, which departments/schools? Are any of these departments/schools to be directly involved in teaching this new
Replacement course. If the new course replaces an existing course, which is to be deleted from the Graduate Calendar,
please indicate here:
Please include a course outline for the proposed course.
Signature Appro
Signature Appro
Date Approved: ______________
val of Graduate Program Coordinator: _____________________________________________
val of Chair/Director: __________________________________________________________
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