Allen Say (B)
Characters, Illustrations, and Mood
Read the excerpt from Tea with Milk by Allen Say.
On the following weekend, the matchmaker introduced
Masako and her mother to a young banker and his mother.
In a fancy restaurant they drank tea and ate lunch and
drank more tea. Then the young couple was left alone for
the afternoon….
In the evening, Masako came home fuming.
“Isn’t he a charming young man?” her mother asked.
“Charming like a catfish!” Masako answered.
“His family owns the bank where he works,” her mother said.
“I won’t marry a moneylender!” Masako replied.
Masako could not sleep that night. Mother is determined
to find a husband for me, she told herself. I could never
marry someone like that. Never! What can I do?
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Allen SAy (B)
Answer the questions in complete sentences.
1. What mood does the text convey?
2. What details in the text support that mood?
3. Look at the illustration of two people on a bench on page 13
of Tea with Milk. What details in the illustration support your
choice of mood?
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Allen SAy (B)
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