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Expanded Checklist
K5 Instructor
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Below is a suggested checklist of items teachers should complete as they begin working in their
courses. It also includes space to jot down notes and questions while viewing video shorts.
There may be some questions you wish to follow up with your administrators on to confirm
school policies and procedures.
Gained access to OLS landing page via SSO integration from my own school system.
Verified correct time zone setting within the OLS.
Fact of Understanding: My experience will be that all courses, no matter their subject,
will have their own course classroom and that classroom management will occur at the
course level, not at a homeroom classroom level.
I have a basic understanding of navigation and course access.
Questions or Notes:
Our school will use:
Push Model (no due dates assigned)
Teacher-Managed Schedule (due dates assigned)
If using Teacher-Managed Schedule only, due dates have been added to course
ELA 3-5 teachers:
We have decided to use the Reading Fluency Tool within the Appendix.
If yes, I have completed the setup of the Fluency Tool.
K5 Core Expanded Checklist
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Gradebook Considerations:
Gradebook calculation: default points weighted categories
If categories I have changed gradebook to calculate weighted categories and have
added and adjusted category weights as needed.
I know how students will be instructed to turn in teacher-graded assessments.
Teacher-graded assignments will be added to the gradebook. Yes No
If above is yes, I have added grade columns to the OLS gradebook.
I am aware grade columns can be hidden and or removed from the grade column.
Fact of Understanding: In our school, students will not be able to view the gradebook.
Questions or Notes:
Course Modifications:
I understand it is possible to reorder Units.
I understand it is possible to reorder lessons, but this should be done with extreme care
so sequential content within the curriculum is not broken, thus becoming confusing for
I understand I can hide content at the lesson or unit level temporarily or permanently.
Hidden items are removed from the students plan and progress calculations.
I understand I can add new teacher-created lesson content as needed.
Questions or Notes:
K5 Core Expanded Checklist
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Course Management:
I have reviewed, at minimum, the following progress/data monitoring video shorts:
Accessing Student-Specific Data
Student Detailed Information
Classroom Progress
Questions or Notes:
Questions or Notes:
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