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WST3002 (04/19)
Account Closure
Closure of Trading Account
I/We authorise and direct Westpac Online Investing to close my/
our accounts as set out below.
Westpac Online Investing Trading Account Number
Note: Closure of a trading account will result in a linked options
and/or global markets account being closed.
Westpac Securities Account Name
Stock Transfer
I request the remaining stock in the above account be
converted to Issuer Sponsorship.
I request the remaining stock in the above account be
transferred to the sponsorship of the following Broker:
Broker PID
Broker Name
Note: To transfer your stock to another Broker, you must also
contact the receiving Broker to initiate the transfer. Westpac
Online Investingrequires instruction from the receiving Broker
torelease the securities.
Where to send the completed form?
Once completed and signed, please return the form by email to the address at the top of this page.
Share Trading with Westpac Online Investing is a service provided through Westpac Securities Limited
ABN 39 087 924 221 AFSL 233723 (Westpac Securities) by Australian Investment Exchange Ltd (the Participant,
we, us, our) ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400, a Participant of the ASX Group and Chi-X Australia.
Westpac Securities
Phone: 13 13 31
Westpac Securities Limited ABN 39 087 924 221
Use this form to request the closure of your Trading Account, Options Account and/or Global Markets Account.
Declaration and Acknowlegement
I/we hereby instruct Westpac Securities to close my/our
Account/s as indicated on this form.
I/we agree to ensure that all regular payment arrangements linked
to the above Account/s will be cancelled.
Account Holder 1
Account Holder 1 Name
Account Holder 1 Signature (Digital Signatures NOT accepted)
Account Holder 2
Account Holder 2 Name
Account Holder 2 Signature (Digital Signatures NOT accepted)