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Acknowledgement of unpaid
placement – visa applicant
Department of Home Affairs
Who should use this form?
This form is for people intending to participate in an unpaid
placement on either the Training visa (subclass 407), or a
special programme activity under the Temporary Activity visa
(subclass 408).
Australia has an extensive industrial relations regime that protects
the rights of both Australians and non-Australians working in
Australia. As your occupational training or special programme in
Australia involves activities that are unpaid you are required to
complete this form to indicate an understanding of the basis of
the appointment and an understanding of the relevant industrial
relations laws.
Note: ‘Unpaid’ in this context is referring to circumstances
where you will receive no remuneration for doing the work or
activity other than:
reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by you in
doing the work or activity; or
prize money or an allowance received.
I acknowledge that:
I will be undertaking a workplace-based training or special programme
placement with the organisation named below for the specified period
nominated while in Australia;
Name of organisation
Period of placement
Months Weeks
the placement is workplace-based training or a special programme
designed to provide a cultural/social experience and/or to assist in
developing skills relevant to my tertiary education, current occupation or
field of study, and will involve the observation of tasks performed by
employees of the host or the performance of tasks under close supervision
of the host;
I understand that the workplace-based training or special programme
placement is unpaid and that I will not receive any form of remuneration
for the period of my placement;
I am not an employee of the organisation while undertaking the
occupational training or special programme;
I understand that workplace relations laws make it unlawful to employ an
employee and not pay them and that penalties may be imposed against
any employer who breaches these laws;
in considering this visa application, the Department of Home Affairs (the
Department) has not endorsed the proposed placement as meeting the
requirements of Australia’s workplace relations laws and that the legal
ramifications of my working arrangement are my responsibility; and
I will agree to respond to all reasonable requests for information about my
placement from officers of the Department or other Commonwealth
I acknowledge that I will be undertaking an unpaid occupational
training programme or special programme in Australia.
Full name (block letters)
Name of sponsor
Signature of
Day Month Year
Note: You will need to complete and lodge form 1283
Acknowledgement of unpaid placement – visa applicant,
together with form 1284 Acknowledgement of unpaid
placement – sponsor (to be completed by the sponsor)
when lodging, as applicable:
a nomination for a Training visa (subclass 407); or
an application for a special programme activity under the
Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408).
Form 1283 and form 1284 are available on the Department’s
Information and advice about workplace rights and
obligations is available on the Fair Work Ombudsman’s
website www.fairwork.gov.au