Course Substitution/Waiver Request Form
Students may request that a course previously taken at another institution or at Inver Hills Community College be used in place of a
specific course or degree requirement for a program at Inver Hills. Your request will not be processed if you do not include
required documentation; an incomplete request will be returned to you. Refer to the instructions on the second page of this
form for a list of required documentation. Return the completed form to the Enrollment Center.
First Name:
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Indicate which catalog you are using to complete the degree requirement: 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Complete either section A or section B below (attach additional pages if necessary):
A. Course Substitution (See page 2 for definition. You must attach documentation listed under section A on page 2.)
Course Number
# of Credits
Institution Offering the Course
I would like to use this
…As a substitute for
this Inver Hills course:
Inver Hills Community College
B. Degree Requirement Waiver: (See page 2 for definition. You must attach documentation listed under section B on page 2.)
I understand that if this request is approved, I must make up these credits with appropriate coursework.
Course Title
Course Number
# of Credits
I would like to waive this degree requirement:
I have gained the necessary experience and knowledge for this degree requirement by:
Student Signature:
Inver Hills Employee Signature (if appropriate):
Office Use Only:
Approve Degree Requirement Waiver Approve Course Substitution Approve Course Equivalency* Denied
The request cannot be approved at this time. The student may resubmit the request after meeting with an academic advisor.
Contact academic advising at (651) 450-3508.
The request cannot be approved at this time because the student must provide additional documentation (see comments).
Administrator Signature:
*A course equivalency means that the approval will automatically be applied to all students who transfer this course in the future.
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Instructions on Completing the Substitution/Waiver Request Form:
1. Complete all relevant pages of the Course Substitution/Waiver Request Form typed or in legible handwriting.
2. It is recommended that you meet with an academic advisor for assistance with preparing your appeal.
3. Attach documentation as directed below under “Definitions.By enclosing relevant documentation you will increase the
likelihood of having your petition approved.
4. Return this form along with any documentation to the Office of Enrollment Services. This form can be emailed, mailed,
dropped off in person, or faxed. The contact information is as follows:
Inver Hills Community College
Attn: Enrollment Center
2500 East 80
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
651-450-3503 (phone), 651-450-3677 (fax)
5. Allow 21 calendar days for processing. If additional documentation is needed, your request will not be approved and you will
be required to submit additional documentation.
A. Course Substitution: A course substitution uses a course taken at Inver Hills or another institution in place of a required
course for a degree or certificate program. In order for a course substitution to occur, the student must have taken a course at
Inver Hills or transferred credit from another institution into Inver Hills. Students must include the following documentation
when requesting a course substitution:
Inver Hills DARS report or transfer evaluation showing the course(s) has been accepted as transfer credit.
Inver Hills transcript (if the course has been completed at Inver Hills).
A copy of the transcript from the previous institution.
A copy of the course description and/or course syllabus.
B. Degree Requirement Waiver: A degree requirement waiver exempts the student from having to complete a particular course
for a degree or certificate program. A student may request a degree requirement waiver if they feel that courses taken at
another institution or if life/work experience has provided them with sufficient knowledge of the course content. If a degree
requirement waiver is granted, the student must still make up the credits for that degree requirement by completing
appropriate coursework. Below are some examples of documentation a student might include with their petition:
A copy of the transcript from the previous institution.
A copy of the course description and/or course syllabus.
A detailed description of experience gained through work/school/life.
Other documentation depending on your situation
Appealing the decision of a transfer credit appeal
Students unsatisfied with the outcome of their transfer credit appeal have the right to Final Appeal that decision to the Vice President of
Academic Affairs. The steps for Final Appeals are as follows:
Student completes the Student Appeal form and attaches supplemental information such as a syllabus, course description,
and faculty credentials
The Vice President will review the request
The student will receive a decision in writing
Appealing the college's decision
If the student is not satisfied with the college transfer Final Appeal decision, the student may submit a request to the Senior Vice
Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs for a system-level appeal of the college transfer appeal decision.
A student shall appeal a transfer decision at the college level prior to appeal at the system level.
The system-level appeal request shall include a copy of the college transfer appeal decision with supporting rationale,
transcript and other documentation.
To be considered, the student appeal for a decision that involves credits from system colleges and universities (MnSCU) must
have the support of the chief academic officer or designee of the sending college or university. When a transfer decision
involves credit earned at an institution outside MnSCU, the support of a chief academic officer or designee is not required.
Upon receipt of the MnSCU system-level appeal, there shall be a review by Office of the Chancellor transfer staff. The review
shall be based on course descriptions, outlines, objectives, learning outcomes, and/or other relevant information. The transfer
staff shall submit a recommendation to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.
The Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs shall make a final determination regarding disposition of the
appeal. The decision of the Senior Vice Chancellor shall be binding on all system, college and university parties.