TRIO Student Application 2020-2021
What is TRIO SSS?
TRIO Student Support Services empowers students to succeed at Inver Hills,
graduate, transfer, and be prepared to earn a bachelor’s degree to pursue their dreams. TRIO SSS provides personalized
advising, transfer planning, personal and leadership development, and a supportive, academically focused community.
What are the benefits?
TRIO students benefit from personalized, proactive advising that helps them develop goals, use campus and community
resources, and learn about opportunities to explore their passions and interests. In addition, students attend TRIO events
including: workshops on study skills, school-life balance, financial literacy, transferring, and applying for scholarships;
transfer visits to four-year colleges; and other special events designed to help them be successful and connect with other
committed students. With the support of these individual and community connections, TRIO students earn better grades,
graduate more quickly, and transfer at higher rates than community-college students nationwide.
Who is eligible to participate in SSS?
Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, accepted to or currently enrolled at Inver Hills Community
College, seeking an associate degree, and planning to transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Students must
also meet at least one of the following criteria:
Income-eligible (guidelines set by U.S. Department of Education)
First generation (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree)
Eligible for accommodations for a disability (verified with IHCC Accessibility Resources)
w do I join the program?
To participate in TRIO, a student must submit a TRIO SSS application, attend an intake meeting, and be invited to join the
program. After you complete and submit this application, TRIO SSS Staff will email you regarding next steps.
ay’s Date ___________
Personal Information
tudent ID# ____________________________ Date of Birth ___________
Name (Last) ____________________________ (First) ___________________ (MI) ______
Preferred Name ____________________________
E-mail Address ___________________________ Phone Number _____________________
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident Other
Demographic Information (This section is optional, for statistical purposes only, and does not affect eligibility.)
nder: __________ I do not wish to identify
ace/Ethnicity: (Please check all that apply)
Hispanic/Latinx Native American/Alaska Native Asian
Black/African-American White Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
ith which cultural/national/tribal background(s) (e.g. Hmong, Irish, Lakota, Persian, Puerto Rican, Somali) do you
identify? ________________________________________________
Is English your primary language? Yes No
hat other language(s) do you speak? _____________________________________________________
Eligibility Information
se answer the following questions to help us determine your eligibility for TRIO SSS services:
Did t
he parent(s)/guardian(s) you lived with while in high school have a bachelor’s degree? Yes
Do you
have a documented disability? Yes No
If yes, have you documented it with IHCC Accessibility Resources Yes No
Do yo
u have a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Yes No
Educational Goals
are your educational goals, both current and future? Check all that apply.
Earn a certificate or degree at IHCC Transfer to a 4-year school
Complete courses but not a degree at IHCC Undecided
What is your intended major or area of study? ___________________
Have you previously attended college? If so, where? ___________________
Were you involved in TRIO SSS or a similar program at your previous college? If so, which program? _____________
Have you participated in a college access program such as Upward Bound, College Possible, Educational
Talent Search, AVID, etc.? If so, which program? ____________________________
Personal Statement
In the space below, or in an attached document, please briefly answer the following questions.
. What are your educational and career goals?
2. What other demands do you have on your time? Do you plan to be a full-time or part-time student?
3. What support might you need to complete your goals?
Financial Information
If you are required to submit parent/guardian information for FAFSA, you are considered dependent and your
parent/guardian must verify income or provide tax information. Please note that income eligibility uses taxable income,
not AGI (adjusted gross income).
For FAFSA purposes, I am considered (check one): Dependent or Independent
Typically, students who are less than 24 years old, unmarried, and have no children are considered dependent.
Please choose one method for verifying income:
I v
erify my taxable income is less than the relevant amount for my
family size set by the Department of Education (see chart).
udent (if independent) OR Parent/Guardian Signature:
I a
uthorize the TRIO SSS Staff to use my financial aid records to verify
my eligibility based on income.
Financial information and all other personal information you provide is confidential and
may be accessed only by relevant Inver Hills and U.S. Department of Education staff. The
information is necessary to determine if you are eligible to participate in the program and
helps the U. S. Department of Education determine funding and measure program success.
Certification and Agreement
I certify that all information provided, including financial and family documentation, in conjunction with
this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
dent Signature Date
Inver Hills Community College is a member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and is an affirmative
action, equal opportunity employer and educator. This information is available in alternative format by calling
651-450-3884 or TTY/Minnesota Relay at 1-800-627-3529.
Family Size
Taxable Income
For families of more than eight, add $6,480
for each additional family member.
Please return completed applications to:
Inver Hills Community College
TRIO Student Support Services
2500 East 80
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
TRIO Student Support Services
(651) 450-3831