Personal Data Change Request
Enrollment Center College Center building, upper level (651) 450-3503
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Legal change of name
Correction of existing name (data entry error in system)
Legal change of existing SSN or National ID
Correction of existing SSN or national ID (data entry error in system)
Update marital status
Driver’s license or state identification
Marriage Certificate
Social security card with signature
(this must accompany a social security number change)
Divorce decree
Valid/unexpired passport
(required for F-1 and J-1 international student requests)
Court order
I Authorize Inver Hills Community College to update my personal information per this request, and to correspond with
me, if necessary, at the above personal contact information. I verity that all documentation and identification presented is
current and accurate.
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Please note: your mailing address and email address can be updated in E-Services under Account Management.
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