2+ 2 Psychology Dual Admission Declaration of Intent
Name ___________________________ _____________________________ ___________________
Last First Previous Name
Star ID ________________ *SSN ___________ Birthdate
Email ___________________________________________ Phone ______________ ______________
Home Cell
Address ___________________________ ________________ ____ _________
Number & Street City State Zip Code
Are you an International student? Type of Visa:______________
If yes, please contact International Admissions at: International.StudentServices@metrostate.edu
Have you served in the U.S. military?
Current Program at Inver Hills Community
College: A.A. with Psychology Emphasis
Please indicate when you intend to enroll at Metropolitan State University ________________________
Please read the following, check the box and sign below stating that you understand and agree to the terms
of the Dual Admissions Program.
I understand that it is encouraged to complete my Associates degree and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at the
participating community college.
I understand that I must be in good academic standing (at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate),
declare the A.A. with Psychology emphasis at IHCC and have at least 45 transferable credits to be enrolled in the
dual admissions Psychology program.
I understand that Metropolitan State University requires all OFFICIAL college transcripts for admissions and will
use the National Clearing House for enrollment verification.
I understand that I am guaranteed admissions to Metropolitan State University as long as I meet the above terms,
but that I am not obligated to enroll if I change my mind.
I give permission for my two-year college to send transcripts to Metropolitan State University and for Metropolitan
State University to send DARS Reports to my participating two-year college each semester that I am enrolled in
the Dual Admission Program.
Student Signature
Please send to: advising@inverhills.edu or drop off to
Counseling and Advising on the 2
floor of the College Center Building
* Metropolitan State University is asking you to provide information that includes private and/or confidential information under state and federal law. We are asking for this
information in order to process your enrollment form. You are not legally required to provide the information the college/university is requesting; however, the university
may not be able to effectively process your application if you do not provide sufficient information. With some exceptions, unless you consent to further release of private
information, access to this information will be limited to school officials, including faculty who have legitimate educational interests in the information. Under certain
circumstances, federal and state laws authorize release of private information without your consent.