Optional Grade Request Form Spring 2020
Due to the extraordinary circumstances encountered during spring semester 2020, Inver Hills is allowing students to
choose a grading method of Pass/No Credit through May 29, 2020. (Normally, this choice must be made within the first
five days of a course.)
Some courses are not approved for the pass/no credit grading option.
To earn a grade of P, the student must achieve at the level of a C grade or higher.
Because of the nature and intent of some programs and the restrictions of some transfer colleges, students
should consult with a counselor or advisor prior to choosing this grading option.
Students who receive VA Education Benefits should consult Inver Hills Veterans Advisor/VA Certifying Official
Sue Flannigan (sflannigan@inverhills.edu) before changing to Pass/No Credit, as this grade option can impact
First Name:
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Inver Hills ID #:
Term: Spring Year: 2020
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Course Title
Will be graded as:
Pass/No Credit
Pass/No Credit
Pass/No Credit
Pass/No Credit
Pass/No Credit
Return the completed form to the Enrollment Center by email at enrollment@inverhills.edu or online at