Video Creative Brief 1
Video Creative Brief
1. What is the goal or business objective?
Are you trying to sell more widgets? Do you want to increase brand awareness?
Want to drive ticket sales? Launch a new product?
2. Who’s your audience? (Who can fulll that goal?)
Who is the persona that is going to buy those widgets? What do they need or want?
What’s the problem to solve or opportunity for them?
3. What is the deadline?
When does the video need to go live?
4. What’s the budget?
How much money can you spend? How much time can you set aside if you have an
internal team? Do you have money for camera and other equipment rentals?
5. What are the quality expectations?
High production quality – or is “good enough” OK?
Video Creative Brief 2
6. How will the video be deployed?
Will the video be embedded on your website, used in an email campaign, or shown at
a tradeshow? Will the video be hosted by you, YouTube, or another third party?
7. What available resources can you leverage?
Do you already have videos that can be repurposed? Something that can become a
script? Brand and logo creative guidelines? This could also include locations where
you may be able to shoot the video. If you are thinking about doing the video in-house,
do you have the appropriate gear?
8. What’s the context or emotional goal for the project or event?
What is the bigger picture for why you are considering this video project?
9. Who on sta can you count on?
Do you have someone on sta who already knows how to use the editing software,
or will you need to learn as you go? Do you have any employees who are “good”
or “great” on camera? Or who could do voiceover? At Act-On, in addition to my
videography background, we also have talented copywriters and graphic designers
who can lend their skills to a video project.
Video Creative Brief 3
10. Who are the decision makers to consult throughout the project?
Who needs to weigh in on whether the video is nished or needs more work? Who has
the nal word? Who is approving the vendor contract?
11. Are there any videos that you like, or that you think achieve a similar goal
(whether or not they are in the same industry).
Spend time surng YouTube, Vimeo, et alia. See what videos you would love to have
as your own, whether they are from the same industry or not. Identify a look-and-feel
you like, or a tone that hits the right emotional notes, or music that works in context.
12. Who will manage the project from start to nish?
It’s important to have a point person managing the project. Who’s yours?
13. Any other constraints?
Do you need to be sensitive to a particular audience? Do you need to focus on a
particular aspect of a product or person?
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