Pastor Recommendation or Parent/Guardian Written Statement
Note: Parent/Guardian Written Statement (on back) may be used in place of Pastor’s Recommendation
Family Information
Family Name
Family Address
Telephone E-mail
JH/SH Campus r Elementary Campus r
Pastor Recommendation
has applied for admission to Phoenix Christian Preparatory
applicant full name grade
School. We would welcome any comments or insights you have regarding his/her character and spiritual life. We have
found a pastor’s perspective quite valuable in getting to know an applicant better and helping us to determine if Phoenix
Christian is an appropriate placement. Thank you for your effort.
In what capacity and for how long have you known the applicant?
Please comment on the applicant’s involvement in your church or congregation.
On average, how many times during a month does this applicant participate in church or congregationally
related services or activities?
In what congregationally related activities is this applicant typically involved?
What involvement, if any, have you observed on the part of this applicants parent(s) or guardian with your church or
Please share with us any specific concerns or highlights you have on the character of this applicant.
Do you recommend the family for admission to Phoenix Christian Preparatory School?
r Enthusiastically r Yes r Yes, with reservation r No
Pastor / Church Leader Name
Church Name Phone Number
Pastor’s E-mail
City State Zip Code
Note: Although rarely requested, a parent/guardian has the legal right to view their student’s file. If you wish this
information to remain confidential, please indicate by checking the box.
Please return this form directly to the family or mail/fax/email to:
Phoenix Christian Preparatory School
Attn. Admissions
1751 W Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85015
602.265.4707 | Fax 602.277.7170
Parent/Guardian Written Statement
Student’s Full Name Date
JH/SH Campus r Elementary Campus r
While the Pastor’s Recommendation (see other side) is very helpful, parents/guardians may submit this
Written Statement in place of the Pastor’s Recommendation. In your statement, please include the
following: 1) discuss any spiritual goals you might have for your child; 2) comment on your desire for your
child to receive a formal education that is based on Christian values as found in the Bible and reflected in the
life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Please feel free to use additional sheets of paper as necessary.
Parent Signature
1751 W Indian School Road | Phoenix, AZ 85015
602.265.4707 | Fax 602.277.7170
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