Quarto Publishing Group Submission Agreement
By signing below, I understand that the Quarto Publishing Group (“QPG”) may currently be
developing, or may plan to develop in the future, products based on internal ideas and/or
based on previous submissions already in receipt that may be similar to my proposed idea or
anything included in my submission. Nothing in the QPG Submission Guidelines or in this
Agreement shall be construed as a representation or requirement that QPG may not
independently, and without use of my proposal, develop ideas, content or products for itself or
for others that may compete with, or be similar to, my actual or contemplated products, ideas,
or anything in my submission.
Neither party shall claim ownership in or to any information, ideas, concepts, plans, or content
(“New or Joint Ideas”), which may be conceived or developed during, as a result of, or in
connection with discussions and meetings, as well as information or documents exchanged
between the parties hereto. Each party agrees that it will not be entitled to any compensation
whatsoever for the ultimate use by either party of any New or Joint Ideas unless a separate
written agreement is executed by the parties (provided, however, that by virtue of this
Agreement, the parties are under no obligation to enter into such a separate agreement). Each
party hereby releases the other party and its affiliates and its representatives, officers,
directors, agents from any and all liability in connection with, or in any manner arising out of,
use of any New or Joint Ideas. Each Party acknowledges that the other party shall have the right
(but not the obligation) to use and exploit New or Joint Ideas in any manner without
compensation, liability or other obligation to the other party.
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SIGNATURE ________________________________________ DATE ________________
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