For Utilities Outside of Municipal Boundaries &
Determination of Capacity
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:
Address of the subject property:
General Location of the Property:
(Include Location Map)
Area of the property: acres
Zoning: County Future Land Use
Attach development orders, ordinances and staff reports by Lake County and the
Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity (DEO).
Estimated Water Consumption is Gallons per day.
(excluding irrigation)
Estimated Sewer Consumption is Gallons per day.
Detailed description of project: (or attach)
Estimated Re-Use (Gray Water) Water Consumption is Gallons per day.
Items required for submittal include one (1) copy of the following items:
Signed original application and materials required for processing.
Letter of capacity and utility line location from the City of Clermont Environmental
Services Dept. Phone: (352) 241-0178
Proposed Site Plan (if applicable)
Lake County Property Appraiser - record card
Location map
Any applications currently on file with Lake County
Any Lake County staff reports
DEO or ECFRPC correspondence
Any information needed for determination of utility services requested
Applicant Name
Name (signature)
Owner Name
Name (signature)
Prior to submitting an application, a meeting with
the City of Clermont is required
To schedule a meeting please contact:
Ø James Hitt, CRA & Mobility Director
Phone: 352-241-7305
A review by the Site Review Committee may be required, which would require 6 sets of
site plans for review by staff. Upon the receipt of all necessary information and review by
staff the request will be scheduled for the next available City Council regular meeting.
City of Clermont
Development Services Department
685 W. Montrose St.
Clermont, FL. 34711
(352) 241-7305 Fax: (352) 394-3542
City of Clermont
Development Services Department
TO: JPA Unincorporated Property Owner/Developer
FROM: James K. Hitt, CRA & Mobility Director
DATE: August 12, 2016
RE: Utility Service Agreement ~ Application
Properties proposed for development of any kind that are within the Joint Planning Area
(JPA), and adjacent to the corporate City limits of Clermont should consider annexation
as a first step for reviews.
Property owners/developers with developments being reviewed by Lake County should
be aware that they shall be subject to a completely separate review and permitting
process by the City upon annexation, in order to receive water and/or sewer utility
services, and be able to proceed with the development. Any reviews or approvals
completed by Lake County prior to any City utility approvals, shall be non-binding upon
annexation. Annexation, review and approvals by the City are required.
In order to avoid two separate reviews (one by the County, and then one by the City), we
highly recommend annexing first. Rezoning and comprehensive plan amendment may
occur at the same time, as required by the City and Florida Statutes. Applications are
available at the City's web site: under the Development
Services Department section, Applications & Forms.
Properties that are not adjacent to the City limits, may request utility services by
completing the Utility Services Agreement Application. Reviews at the County are
subject to City reviews in accordance with JPA standards. Further conditions may be
made part of the Utility Agreement. Utility Agreements are approved by the Clermont City
If you have any questions regarding this review process or the applications needed,
please call the Development Services Department at (352) 241-7305.
Do Not include this sheet with the application
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