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ver. 6.4.19
City of Clermont
Community Redevelopment Area
Food-Related Services Incentive Program
The Restaurant Incentive Program is intended to attract food-related service providers,
restaurateurs and specialty food providers to relocate or establish another location in
Downtown or help an existing food related business to expand services that will result in
additional products/services and extended hours of operation.
The Food-Related Services Incentive Program offers up to $15,000 in dollar-for-dollar
matching funds to assist in establishing or upgrading food-related businesses in the City
of Clermont Community Redevelopment Area. Matching funds are a grant that can be
used to offset the cost of eligible improvements necessary to establish and operate a
food service or restaurant business.
Eligibility Requirements:
• Eligible businesses are food-related ventures such as sit-down restaurants, bakeries,
commissary kitchens, health food stores, breweries, distilleries and other specialty food
• All properties within the Clermont CRA are eligible.
• Drive through facilities, convenience stores with motor vehicle fuel sales and related
entertainment uses are not eligible for the food-related services incentive.
• Governmental entities and not-for-profit entities are not eligible.
• Grants are intended for rehabilitation, restoration and new construction.
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ver. 6.4.19
A. It is the intent of the Food-related services incentive program to refund a cost for
interior, exterior or structural improvements that will allow new users or existing
restaurant operators to open or expand within the CRA district. The following are
examples of eligible improvements:
Fire Alarm systems required for safe operation of business
Fire walls as required by the Fire Marshall for particular type of restaurant
Air system handlers- heating and air conditioning systems
Handicap access for entries into the building, restrooms or improving
internal mobility
Electrical- can include rewiring, replacement and electrical portions of
Awnings, mansards or canopies over windows or walkways and other
decorative improvements, including shutters; and that are in disrepair and
are a threat to general health, safety and welfare. Must be for public facing
sidewalk coverings.
Other improvements required of the property by Florida Building Code
Other code items as may be presented and subsequently approved by the
city for inclusion
Refurbishing of an exterior wall, including, repairs, painting, re-siding or
similar cosmetic improvements
Exterior windows and doors
Specifically exempt
Business copy on signage
All structural improvements not substantially contributing to the
improvement of the property
Building permits
Parking lot paving or resurfacing
Landscape or irrigation
Grant cannot be combined with any other grant programs
Once a grant is awarded, the property is not eligible for another grant
within a 3-year period.
Eligible work includes:
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ver. 6.4.19
Applicants Name:
Applicants Address:
Applicants Phone:
Property Owner Name (if different):
Property Address:
Has there ever been a restaurant/commercial kitchen/grocery located in the space
What is the term of the lease for the space? Must provide signed copy of current lease
and notarized consent of property owner
What leasehold improvements are required to obtain any licenses or permits to do
business as a restaurant /commercial kitchen/grocery in this location? City Building
Any State Agencies:
What is the expected opening date?
What is the estimated cost for the leasehold improvements that are required? Please
attach copies of manufacturer or contractors estimates.
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ver. 6.4.19
What type of food-related business is being proposed?
What will be the business’ hours of operation?
How many new full-time employment jobs will be created?
How many new part-time employment jobs will be created?
Does the establishment plan to offer any entertainment?
What is the proposed seating capacity of the restaurant?
Will there be outdoor seating at this establishment?
Is this the business’ first location, 2nd location or a relocation?
Submittal Requirements Checklist:
A completed and signed application
Notarized letter from property owner and proof of property taxes paid in current
Anticipated Benefits of the Future Restaurant Use
1. Describe the financial benefit of the future use to the City of Clermont, including
projected tax revenue.
2. Detail the number and types of existing and new jobs that the future site use will
create with income ranges.
3. Please describe the potential community and non-monetary benefits the future site
use contributes to the city its residents and visitors.
4. Please describe in detail how the future site use aligns with the downtown waterfront
Food-related service resume
1. Table of Organization for the restaurant team to include names, bios and
organizational role.
2. Any certifications or registrations applicable should be included.
3. Development timing should be clearly described detailing all major milestones and
when the development is expected to be completed.
Conceptual business plan
Proposed site plan
Project schedule
Three (3) cost estimates
Permit ready drawings
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ver. 6.4.19
Grants will be awarded based on many different variables, such as:
Visual impact on the commercial district
Commitment of applicants to complete project
Contribution of project to the economic vitality of the commercial district
Enhancement of property appearance
Retention of historic features
Leverage of private investment
Availability of program funding
Consistency with the Clermont downtown waterfront masterplan
Targeted uses that do not exist in the downtown, which the city would like to attain
NOTE: Any cost for work previously completed prior to an approved application
cannot be reimbursed under any circumstance. Do not start any work until after
final approval by the City of Clermont and Completion of the Contract with the
city and notice to proceed has been issued. Building permits will be required
where applicable.
For more information visit:
Curt Henschel, Development Services Director
685 W. Montrose Street
Clermont, FL 34711