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Rental Application
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
Applications will not be accepted less than 60 days, or more than 12 months in advance of a rental date following
confirmation of the CPAC season. Submitting an application does not guarantee confirmation of a rental date or room.
1. Submi
t a completed application to the Parks & Recreation Department located at the Arts & Recreation Center during
office hours, Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm, or by email to
2. The application will be reviewed and the applicant will receive a cost estimate. Following approval, 50% of the rental cost is
due within five (5) business days.
3. Payment can be submitted by cash, credit card, or check. Payment cannot be made over the phone or online.
*It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure payments are submitted by the due date. See payment date schedule below.
4. The renter is responsible for all additional costs incurred during the rental, including but not limited to; use of equipment,
extended time in room, and building or technical staff. Until all outstanding balances are paid in full, the applicant or
organization will not be permitted to rent any city facility.
5. Changes to the approved application are only permitted by the applicant or alternate contact.
6. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
Date of Event
Name of Event
Name of Organization/Applicant
*The refundable deposit will be made payable and mailed to the name and address of the applicant listed*
Check if applicable:
Tax Exempt
Non-profit documentation or Tax Exempt Certificate must be submitted with application.
Event Contact
Best Number to Reach You
Valid Photo ID # Provided
Secondary Contact
Best Number to Reach You
Will there be alcohol at the event?
Due at time of reservation
50% of rental cost plus application fee
30 days prior to rental date
Remaining balance of rental cost
14 days prior to rental date
$1000 Security deposit due
If payment is not received by the due date, a 10% late payment fee will be charged the
next day and each week thereafter until the balance is paid in full.
*If yes, an alcohol approval form must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to your event.
Applicant Initials: _______________
Today's Date
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
Estimated Attendance:
What time is your event?
What is your setup & exit time?
Begin Setup:
Exit Time:
Briefly Describe Your Event:
Check all that apply:
Open to the Public
Theatre Equipment Needed
Rear Screen Projectors
Dance Floor (21 x 21)
Risers (total of 12)
How many?
Please explain:
*Renter must provide all cables, extension cords, etc
Please check any additional rooms needed:
Time In
Time Out
Time In
Time Out
Clermont Room
Rehearsal Room
600 sq ft room
Black Box Theatre
300 sq ft room
Indicate any special requests or needs you may have:
Please list all vendors that will be participating in your event:
Business Name:
Business Name:
Primary Contact:
Primary Contact:
Business Name:
Business Name:
Primary Contact:
Primary Contact:
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
Applicant is a resident or land owner located in the Clermont city limits
For-profit businesses may utilize the resident rate only if the business’s physical address is within the City limits. Rentals for the
intended use of a business function must utilize the business’s physical address.
*Non-Profit organizations must provide proof of non-profit status (501c3), and be currently registered and active with the Florida
Division of Corporations. Applicant must be a registered agent, representative, or board member of the organization/business.
Applicant resides outside the Clermont city limits
Business is located outside the Clermont city limits
*Clermont Residents are not permitted to use ‘Resident’ status if the business is located outside of the city limits.
For-profit businesses, organizations, and individuals are prohibited to rent or utilize any City facility for business purposes
that would involve sales of any type. This would include, but is not limited to: charging admission, sales of products or
services, online sales, concessions, etc. (This does not include approved rentals of a performance nature)
Theatre Rentals
The Clermont Arts & Recreation Center is available from June through September, to for-profit businesses, organizations, and
individuals requesting to hold performances that are open to the general public.
Refer to the ‘Theatre Rental Application -Ticketed Event’ for information on ticket sales and concessions.
tered non-profit organizations are permitted to hold events that are open to the general public throughout the year.
The Theatres are not available for rental by for profit organizations, individuals and/or businesses
who wish to hold performances that will be open to the general public during the City of Clermont’s performance season
(September May).
*Open to the general public refers to any event or rental attended on a ‘walk-in’ basis, often without prior invitation. Generally,
these are publically advertised and may be either ticketed or non-ticketed, as well as free or paid events.
Event Publicity
No promotion, publicity, or advertising (printed or otherwise) may state, imply, or allude to any sponsorship by or affiliation with
the City of Clermont without prior written approval.
Scheduling of Room Rentals
Applications will not be accepted if they are incomplete or not signed.
Applicants are permitted to schedule a maximum of four (4) rental dates within a thirty (30) day period, with a maximum of
three (3) rooms in the recreation wing per day. New applications will be accepted once the current rental agreement has
Police and/or Fire Staff may be required based on the event’s program. The City of Clermont will determine the number of staff
required and time needed. Officers are scheduled a minimum of four hours. This fee is paid by the renter.
Crowd Managers may be required depending on attendance.
The City of Clermont reserves the right to cancel any events/rentals in any City-owned facility or park.
Applicant Initials:
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
Police and Fire Department Staffing
If the City of Clermont determines Police or Fire personnel are required for an event, the applicant will be responsible to pay all
staffing fees. City staff will contact and schedule the appropriate personnel for the event.
If the applicant requests armed security for an event, it must be provided by the Clermont Police Department. The applicant is
required to contract directly with the Clermont Police Department.
Requests for Police/Fire personnel must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. The hourly rate may be higher
for requests made less than 5 days from the event date.
Payment is made directly to the Police/Fire Department. Proof of payment must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation
Department a minimum of 7 days prior to the event date.
Rental Hours
Rentals during hours other than Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM, and Sunday, 11:00 AM 6:00 PM, will require an
additional staffing fee at a two-hour minimum.
Rentals must vacate the building no later than 12:00 AM (7 days a week).
Rental times must include set up and break down.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform caterers, vendors, and participants to adhere to the contracted rental time.
Delivery of equipment or other items must be made during the rental period.
Setup Requirements:
All floor plans must be approved by the Facility Manager prior to the event date.
ARC staff will pre-set the room based on approved layout. Layout cannot be changed without prior approval.
An exit checklist will be provided. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all items are completed as required.
Loading and Unloading
At no time are vehicles permitted to be left unattended in the fire lanes, along sidewalks, or blocking pedestrian crosswalks.
Once unloaded, vehicles must be moved immediately.
A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required:
For any event or facility rental by a business or organization, both for-profit and non-profit
For any event or facility rental that is open to the general public
To serve alcohol in any city facility or property
A Certificate of Insurance (COI) may be required:
From a vendor that provides equipment (or similar items such as a tent, platform or stage, scissor lift, bounce house, etc.) to
an event or facility
Utilizing a generator or other potentially dangerous item
Under any other condition the City determines reasonable and necessary
Caterer using the kitchen
A Certificate of Insurance must state:
A minimum coverage of $1,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, without deductibles, per occurrence.
Certificate Holder shall be listed as follows: City of Clermont, 3700 S Highway 27, Clermont, FL 34711.
The COI must be submitted a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event date. If not submitted as required, the city reserves the
right to cancel the rental.
Applicant Initials:
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
Security Deposits and Refunds
Deposits are held separate from the rental fees and are not applied toward account balances.
Security deposit refunds are issued 2-3 weeks after the rental date.
Cancellation Policy
The applicant is responsible for submitting a City of Clermont alcohol request form a minimum of 30 days prior to the rental
date (60 days is recommended).
Alcohol must be served by an approved licensed and insured organization, holding an appropriate State of Florida Alcohol,
Beverage and Tobacco License. Examples of those licenses include 13CT catering, or non-profit 1, 2, 3 day permit. Examples
of licenses not permitted include 2COP and 4COP licenses.
The serving of alcoholic must end at least 30 minutes prior to event end time.
The approved licensed and insured organization shall have general liability insurance with host liquor liability coverage
endorsement or event liability insurance which shall provide coverage in the event of an incident resulting from the serving of
alcohol beverages at the function. The City of Clermont shall be named as a co-insured in such policy. The minimum amount
of coverage shall be $1,000,000 aggregate per occurrence. The insurance shall be issued by a company acceptable to the
City of Clermont.
Not adhering to policy may result in forfeiture of your deposit and cancellation of your rental, and possible denial of future
The applicant is responsible for ensuring guests are adhering to the alcohol policy.
Rental Cancellation and Refund Policy
(application fees are non-refundable)
Cancellations must be submitted in writing
If you cancel within:
You will receive:
60 calendar days or more from the rental date 100% of the rental cost
59-31 calendar days from the rental date 50% of the rental cost
30 calendar days or less from the rental date No refund of the rental cost
Applicant Initials:
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
Applicant Initials:
All Main Stage rentals include use of the Lobby
Room Rental Package (No Stage Use)
Includes floor space only (chairs and tables not included)
Room & Stage Rental Package
Includes floor and stage space only (chairs and tables not included)
Theatre Seating Package
Includes use of the stage and cushion chairs with seating for up to 800
Banquet Package (No Stage Use)
Includes floor space, 1 microphone, 40 tables and 350 chairs
Banquet Package with Stage
Includes floor and stage space, 2 microphones, 40 tables and 350 chairs
Main Stage Rental Rates
4 hour minimum
Per hour Per hour Additional Equipment Per item
Room Rental (No Stage)
Dance Floor (21 x 21)
Room & Stage Rental
Choir Risers
Theatre Seating Package
Banquet Package (No Stage)
Tables (gymnasium only)
Banquet Package with Stage
Chairs (gymnasium only)
Additional Rooms Per hour Per hour Additional Audio Visual Equipment
2 hr minimum
Additional Microphones
Rehearsal Room
Front Projection Screens
Black Box Theatre
3 hr minimum
Portable Speaker
1 hr minimum
*Full Court Rental includes use of up to 30 plastic chairs and up to 2 eight foot rectangular tables
Clermont Room
Large Portable Sound System
600 sq ft room
Small Band Setup (1-7 Inputs)
300 sq ft room
Medium Band Setup (8-14 Inputs)
Large Band Setup (15+ Inputs)
Additional Staff Per Hour Main Stage Payment Schedule
Facility Staff
2 hr minimum
$25 Due at time of reservation 50% of rental cost plus application fee
Crowd Managers
2 hr minimum
$25 30 days prior to rental date Remaining balance of rental cost
Entertainment Technician
4 hr minimum
$30 14 days prior to rental date $1000 Security deposit due
Application Fee
Security Deposit
Deposits are held separate from the rental fees and are not applied toward account balances
Commercial Kitchen includes:
Commercial gas stove and oven with griddle
Stainless steel counters for prep space
Commercial baking oven
Three large sinks
Two commercial food warmers
Three 50-gallon garbage cans
Ice machine
Two hand washing sinks
Kitchen rental does not include:
Kitchen supplies / utensils (i.e., pots, pans, dish soap, etc.)
Coffee Maker
*Any additional equipment brought in to the kitchen must be approved by the Facility Manager.
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City of Clermont
Arts & Recreation Center
The u
ser will indemnify and hold harmless the City of Clermont from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses,
including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of, or resulting from the occupancy of the Park/Facility by the User, its
agents, servants, invitees, and guests under this license.
The U
ser will comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, or other orders regarding the safety of persons or property, or
their protection from damage, injury or loss.
The applicant shall supply, when required, a Certificate of Insurance reflecting minimum coverage $1,000,000
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, without deductibles, per occurrence. The City of Clermont shall be named as
an additional insured, which shall be noted on the Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate shall indicate that the applicant’s
insurance policy shall not be cancelled without thirty days prior written notice to the City of Clermont.
The u
ndersigned agrees to abide by the regulations governing the said facility and is responsible for charges incurred and
must supply the Certificate of Insurance to the City of Clermont no later than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the
Program/Event Date. Also, the undersigned agrees to be responsible for damage to facilities and conduct of persons in
the program and/or event. Parking is permitted only in designated areas of the park/facility. There is no parking allowed
at any place of business or residence near the park/facility unless written permission is granted by each individual owner
in advance.
I have
read the rules and regulations and fully understand them. I accept responsibility and insure that all
members and guests will honor and abide by the above conditions.
Name of User (printed):
Group Representing:
User Signature
City of Clermont Employee Signature
click to sign
click to edit
1. Signage/Advertising is permitted inside the rental room, and
nowhere else in the building or on the property.
2. Food and beverages may be brought in or delivered. It is not
permitted outside the rented room(s). The use of burning candles
or any other type of open flame is not allowed, with the exception
of sterno for chafing dishes. *Birthday candles are permitted*
3. Decorations are permitted inside the room, provided they are
free-standing and removed at the end of the rental. No
decorations shall be attached to walls, lights, doors or ceiling.
The use of tape, tacks, staples, nails, glue to walls, ceilings and
4. Items not permitted are confetti or glitter; inside or outside. The
use/throwing of rice, flower petals, birdseed, confetti, glitter,
sparkles, dry ice, fog or smoke machines, sparklers,
pyrotechnics, or similar type items; inside or outside of the
5. Room use is limited only to the rooms specified in the rental
agreement. Only those listed on the application will be permitted
to make changes to the rental information Room changes will not
be permitted within 48 hours of the rental date.
6. Conduct Staff reserves the right to refuse admittance or to eject
any person causing harm or damage.
7. Pets are not allowed in the facility. Service dogs are welcome.
8. Tobacco use of any kind, is not permitted inside the facility
1. Set up and Clean up time. Items cannot be brought into the
building before, or left after, the approved rental time. Vehicles
are not permitted to be parked in the fire lane. Items may be
unloaded onto the sidewalk, but vehicles must be moved
immediately after being unloaded.
*Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense
2. Trash must be properly disposed of by the renter in the trash
cans provided, or removed from the premises by the renter. Do
not leave any decorations, flyers, cardboard boxes, leftover food
or drinks, in the room. The applicant will be charged for additional
cleaning needed.
Exit time. The room must be cleaned and vacated by the
scheduled departure time. The applicant will be charged in 30
minute increments for any guest or vendor that stays past the
permitted room time.
1. Rental Day. The applicant or secondary contact person must be
present for the entire duration of the rental.
2. Room times must be strictly adhered to. No one is permitted to
enter the room before the scheduled time. This includes vendors,
caterers, decorators, etc. If additional setup time is required, it
must be scheduled and paid for by the renter during normal
business hours.
3. Guests are not permitted to wander around the facility or in the
hallways, and children under 18 years old must be supervised by
an adult at all times.
4. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the property, unless prior
approval has been received. The applicant will be held responsible
for the conduct of all guests, and will forfeit the full security deposit
if alcohol is present at any time.
5. Music must be kept to an appropriate level so not to affect
adjacent rentals.
6. Room capacity must be adhered to at all times. The applicant
must monitor guest attendance throughout the rental period.
7. Staff may immediately cancel the rental if attendance exceeds
room capacity, with no refund of fees or deposit.
8. Cancellation of the rental may occur at any time if incorrect or
incomplete information is provided on the rental contract (i.e.,
contact information, resident status, nature of event, or
unauthorized use of alcohol). A refund of fees or deposit will not
be issued.
1. All damages, accidents, injuries, or malfunctioning
equipment must be reported to staff immediately.
The applicant will be held liable for all damage that occurs to any
equipment, the room or the facility, inside or out, due to guest or
renter’s negligence. This cost will be deducted from the security
deposit. If the cost of damage/repair exceeds the security deposit,
the applicant will be billed for all additional costs (plus staffing
hours, if applicable).
All businesses providing services in the facility must provide an active
business tax receipt and liability insurance, naming the City of Clermont as
additionally insured. Failure to do so may result in loss of deposit.
Applicant Initials
Applicant Initials
Applicant Initials
Applicant Initials
Applicant Initials
Clermont Arts & Recreation Center
Facility Agreement and Guidelines