Student grants permission for the Authorized Third Party to have access to:
Check one or more boxes to indicate your permission for Bow Valley College to share the information with your Authorized Third Party at their request.
Third parties cannot make changes to your student le. You may change or revoke this consent in writing at any time.
ALL ACADEMIC, ADMISSIONS, AND FINANCIAL DETAILS My current application(s) for admission
My academic history (past grades, courses, and studies) My current enrolments (current courses and grades)
My nancial account balance only My full nancial account and nancial aid details
Request transcript(s) on my behalf Request proof of enrolment letter(s) on my behalf
By signing and submitting this form, the
Student grants Bow Valley College (“BVC”) permission to release the above-
identied academic, admissions, and/or nancial information to the Authorized Third Party named below. The Student
releases BVC from any liability with respect to releasing this information in good faith to the Authorized Third Party. BVC does
not notify students when an authorized third party requests authorized information from a student’s le. A scanned or
electronic copy of this signed document shall be as valid as the original. This form must be completed by the Student.
How to submit this
completed fo
By email from your MyBVC account to:
In-person with valid photo ID at:
Oce of the Registrar, 1st Floor, South Campus
Student’s information Authorized Third Party’s information
Student name Full name of individual
BVC stude
nt number Email address
(used only to verify requests)
Student signature
(digital or ink) Phone number(s) (used only to verify requests)
Authorization is valid for one year from date signed
unless revoked earlier by the Student.
Date signed
The information you provide on this form is collected under authority of Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act. Your personal information is protected by Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and can be reviewed on request. If you have questions
about the collection or use of your information by Bow Valley College, contact the Oce of the Registrar by mail or in-person at 345 6 Ave SE, Calgary AB
T2G 4V1; by phone at 866-428-2669; or email at
Third Party Authorization Form
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