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Legal First Name
PERSONAL INFORMATION (Please print clearly)
Legal Last Name
Middle/Second Name
Date of Birth:
Male Female Undisclosed/Other
mm dd yyyy
Previous Legal Last Name (if applicable)
If you wish to declare Aboriginal ancestry, please specify:
Status Indian/First Nations
Non-status Indian/First Nations
Are you a Canadian Citizen?
If you are not a Canadian Citizen, what is your country of Citizenship?
Student Working Other
Marital Status: Single
First Language:
Activity during the previous 12 months:
Location of activity during previous 12 months:
Citizenship Status: Please enter your citizenship status within Canada (If you are waiting to receive Permanent Residency
or if you are currently obtaining or plan to obtain a study permit, please choose Study Permit)
Program/course applied for: (please print clearly)
Full-time Part-time Online Distance/homestudyDelivery Method:
(please specify date)
Start Date:
Alberta Student Number (ASN) - Mandatory for all applicants
Have you previously attended or applied to a Bow Valley College Career Program or Continuing Education course?
To request or look up your ASN, visit
If yes, please provide your Bow Valley College Student Number:
Location of Program:
Calgary Other
(please specify location)
Alberta: Other Provinces: Country:
Permanent Resident
Refugee Claimant
Study Permit
Work Visa
Date of entry into Canada:
mm dd yyyy
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Highest Level Achieved:
Certificate Journeyman
Bachelor Degree
Applied Degree
Diploma __ yrs.
Academic Title:
Date Credential Issued:
Post-Secondary Academic History (College/University)
High School / Secondary School
Institution Name
Institution Name
Last Grade/Year Completed:
Credential Received:
Start Date:
Start Date:
End Date:
End Date:
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Postal Code
Alternative Phone
Mailing Address (this address will be used for all communication from the College)
Primary Phone
Email Address (required)
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Payment Information for Application Fee
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Payments processed by the Office of the Registrar - 1st Floor, South Campus
- In person - Over the phone: 1(403)410-1400 (credit card only)
Domestic student application fee: $65
International Student application fee: $130
Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable
Payment Methods Accepted:
- Cash - Debit Card
- Credit Card - Bank Draft
- Personal Cheque
Aboriginal Statement
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology is collecting this personal information pursuant to section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and
Privacy (FOIP) Act as the information relates directly to and is necessary to meet its mandate and responsibilities to measure system effectiveness
over time and develop policies, programs and services to improve Aboriginal learner success. For further information or if you have questions
regarding the collection activity, please contact the Office of the Director, Business Operations and Reporting, Post-secondary Excellence Division,
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, 10155-102 Street, Edmonton AB, T5J 4L5, (780) 427-7145, or your institutions Registrars Office.
Declaration of Applicant
I certify that I have read and understood all the instructions and information accompanying this application form and that all statements made
in connection with this application are true and complete in all respects and that I have not withheld any relevant information. I understand that
misrepresentation, falsification of documents, or withholding of requested information are serious offences which may result in the cancellation
of my admission and/or registration at the College. I understand and agree that information about any falsification or misrepresentation may be
released and exchanged with other post-secondary institutions. I understand that all documentation submitted in support of this or any subsequent
application for admission, financial award or any related appeal or petition becomes the property of the College and will not be returned to me.
Further, I agree to be bound by the College’s policies, rules and regulations as may be amended from time to time.
Date Signed: Applicant’s Signature:
Consent Regarding my Personal Information
The personal information collected on this form or in conjunction with this form is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (Alberta), Post-secondary Learning Act (Alberta), the Income Tax Act (Canada), the Canada Student Financial Assistance Act,
the Canada Student Loans Act, and the Statistics Act (Canada). This personal information is required to administer my application and enrolment in
courses and programs at Bow Valley College (the “College”). The information will become part of my student record as an applicant, student, and/or
alumnus and will be disclosed to relevant College departments for the purposes of administration of College policies, programs, services, planning,
research, tax receipts, student follow-up information, recruitment activities, alumni programming, determining eligibility for scholarships/awards and
to Bow Valley College Students Association and contracted service providers as required in relation to such uses.
I authorize the College to disclose or request information to and from the federal and provincial governments to meet reporting requirements
and to determine eligibility for services and funding. I authorize the College to obtain my transcripts from Alberta Education, other Alberta post-
secondary institutions, and ApplyAlberta institutions on my behalf and I authorize the College to send a copy of this consent, if required, to such
institutions. For more information regarding the collection or use of your personal information, contact the Office of the Registrar at 345-6th Avenue
SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4V1. Phone 403-410-1400 or toll-free in Alberta 1-866-428-2669.
I hereby consent to the collection and disclosure of my personal information as described above.
Date Signed: Applicant’s Signature:
How did you hear about Bow Valley College?
Recruitment/Career Fair
Current BVC Student
BVC Alumni
High School
Trade Show
Agent Name
(please specify website)
Course Guide
Contact First Name
Applying for someone else? If you are submitting this form for an applicant, with their permission, please provide your contact information.
Contact Last Name
Email Address (Personal) Email Address (Agency)
Relationship to the Applicant/Agent or Agency Name
Address (Personal or Agency) City Postal CodeProvince
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