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All Bow Valley College learners have access to a fair appeals process regarding both academic and
non-academic decisions of Bow Valley College as set out by the College’s Learner Appeal Policy
Should you require assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar &
Enrolment Services by email registrar@bowvalleycollege.ca or visit our front counter in
South Campus. We will respond to your appeal through email so please make sure to
check your email regularly.
Where to Submit Your Appeal
Grade Appeal: Submit your grade appeal to the office of the School, Centre or department for
your program or course.
Grade procedures are located at Grade Appeal Procedures
If you are appealing a mark or grade on an assignment or test, your appeal request
must be
submitted within five (5) business days of receiving the grade.
If you are appealing a Final Grade, it must be submitted within one month after a
final grade is made available for a course.
Withdrawal and Other Appeals: Submit your appeal to the Office of the Registrar by email to
registrar@bowvalleycollege.ca or in person at the front counter of the Office of the Registrar on
the 1
floor of South Campus.
An appeal must be submitted within one month of when the decision being appealed was made.
General procedures are located at General Learner Appeal Procedures
How to Submit Your Appeal
The information you provide on this form must be typewritten or word-processed. Handwritten
information is not accepted.
Learner Information
First Name
Last Name
Student ID#
Program Name
Date Received: ___________
Received by: ______________
Type of Appeal
Please check the type of appeal that you are requesting. Select only one.
Grade Appeal: This is an appeal of a final grade in a course or a mark given on a test or assignment.
1. Course Code __________ Course Name_____________________________________________________
2. Select only one:
Mark on test or assignment Name _____________________________________________________
Final Course Grade
Withdrawal Appeal: This is an appeal for being withdrawn from a program or a course.
1. Name of program or course from which you were withdrawn:
Course Code __________ Course Name_____________________________________________________
2. Why were you withdrawn from the program or course?
Other Appeal: This is an appeal of another type of significant decision or action made by the
college about you. What decision or action are you appealing?
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Required Information
State the Reason(s) for Your Appeal: Tell us why you think the mark, withdrawal or
decision/action should be changed.
Desired Outcome: Tell us what you would like to see as the outcome of your appeal.
Action Taken to Date: What steps have you already taken to try to get the outcome you
want? Please give the names any instructor, program coordinator, or dean that you have
already spoken to about getting the outcome you want and the date when you spoke to
them. Names are required.
Supporting Information and Documents: Please attach any documents, emails or other
information that support your appeal.
Student Signature Date
(Signature not required if submitted from myBVC email)
(Month/ Day/ Year)
This information (including any documentation that you have submitted with this form) is being collected under the authority of
Section 33 (C) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. This information and all relevant documents to
the appeal hearing will be provided to the professor(s) who assigned the grade or made the decision under appeal. This
information is protected
by the privacy provision of the FOIP Act. If you have any question about this information collecting, please
contact Bow Valley College
Student Affairs Office at (403) 410 1723, or toll free within Alberta at 1-881-428-2669, extension
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