HIVE Mental Health Strategy - Idea Challenge
How would you improve student mental health on campus?
Submit a proposal and win up to $1000 to launch your idea in Winter 2020.
If you have any questions about submitting a proposal, please reach out to
Rules & Regulations
1. This challenge is open to current BVC students.
2. Proposals must be submitted by email to
by 11:59pm on Monday,
January 13, 2020.
3. Up to $1000 will be awarded for each successful proposal. This money must be used for the
ideas listed in your proposal in Winter 2020. All activities must be complete by April 1, 2020.
4. Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee that will include representatives from
Learner Success Services, Student Wellness Mentors, the HIVE steering committee, and SABVC.
5. The successful proposals will be announced on January 20, 2020.
Challenge Details
Ideas should address one or more of the following priority areas from the HIVE campus mental health
strategy (
Inclusion: Bow Valley College is a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.
Mental health awareness: Efforts to increase mental health awareness and reduce stigma
regarding mental health concerns.
Engagement: Opportunities exist to build interpersonal connections and strengthen resiliency.
Access to resources: Students report an increased level of awareness about how to access
mental health supports or services on campus.
Selection Criteria
The team who reviews proposals will rate ideas based on how well they:
- Support the HIVE mental health strategy priorities (
- Address a gap on campus
- Create new opportunities for student involvement or connection
- Consider sustainability of the idea beyond funding
- Have identified clear goals and outcomes
Project Budget
Each project may be awarded up to $1000. The review committee reserves the right to determine
eligible expenses on a project-by-project basis, based on the information provided in each proposal.
Money cannot be used to pay wages or salaries. Money can be used for the following types of
Supplies and promotional materials required for the initiative
Small incentives for student participation (e.g. food)
Reasonable honorariums for outside guests (e.g. guest speakers, Elders)
Proposal Details: Please complete all required details in the following table.
Name of Project
Project Lead
- Name
- Email
- Phone
- Student ID
Other Team Member(s)
Student ID
Description of Project
Please describe how project
supports improved mental
health for students.
Note: Consider the HIVE
mental health strategy
Who is your target
Example: Students who are
new to Calgary or BVC.
What gap or need do you
think this project fills on
What are the goals for your
Goals should be specific and
Example: At least 30 people
will participate in each
Please describe in detail the
planned activities or tasks for
your project.
When will this activity/task happen?
Note that all activities must be complete by April 1, 2020
What will this activity/task cost?
Note that each proposal may be awarded a maximum of $1000
If you would like to include any additional information, please attach it to your proposal.
Challenge Agreement
If your application is successful you agree to:
1. Ensure all activities are implemented on campus and are completed by April 1, 2020.
2. Provide financial documentation (including receipts) to the Learner Wellness Advisor showing
that funds were used for the activities outlined in your proposal.
3. Return any unspent funds to Learner Success Services on April 1, 2020.
4. Provide regular updates to the Learner Wellness Advisor and meet with the advisor as needed
to address challenges.
5. Provide the Learner Wellness Advisor with a final report by April 24, 2020 that includes:
a. Details about project activities
b. Total number of participants and leaders involved in project
c. Testimonials from program participants and organizers
d. Detailed financial report (including receipts)
e. All associated evaluation results
___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________
Name of Project Lead Signature of Project Lead Date