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Welcome to Wenatchee Valley College! The WVC Veteran Office is here to assist Omak and
Wenatchee campus students with accessing their VA educational benefits, as well as other federal
and state college funding. If you are a veteran or dependent of a veteran complete the front page,
read the guidelines listed on the back of the form, sign and submit both forms to the WVC veteran
office. The form must be completed by new students as well as returning students who have not
been concurrently enrolled at WVC.
ame: __________________________________________________ Student ID#: ____________________
If unknown use last 4 of social security number
uarter Applying: Fall Winter Spring Summer Year: ___________________________
mail Address: __________________________________________ Phone: __________________________
ailing Address:
NEW STUDENT RETURNING STUDENT I am applying for the following benefits:
CH33 Post 9/11 CH30 MGIB CH1607 REAP CH1606 MGIB-SR
CH31 Voc Rehab Military Tuition Assistance Tuition Waiver ONLY
Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship
Undecided: students may contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551 to speak with an Education Counselor. Information is also
available at www.gibill.va.gov on the FAQ’s page and the GI Bill® Comparison Tool link.
CH33 Post 9/11 TOE CH35 Dependent Education Benefits Tuition & Fee Waiver ONLY
*The VA will mail a Certificate of Eligibility Letter after processing the VA Application 22-1990 or 22-5490;
submit a copy to the WVC veteran office to help assist with quicker processing of VA education benefit payments.
Degree or Certificate working towards: _______________________________________________
The degree or certificate indicated must be the same as what is on file with the WVC registration office prior to VA enrollment
certification; students should contact their assigned Faculty Adviser or an Educational Planner with degree questions.
If undecided at the time of completing this form, certification will be submitted for the degree on file with the WVC registration
office as indicated on the student’s signed class schedule.
List all Prior Colleges attended below, including WVC if applicable OR
I have not attended any prior colleges
Dates Attended
WVC Campus I will be attending:
Omak Wenatchee Distance Only
ReadResponsibilities and Guidelineson the reverse side of this form, sign and date
The VA requires that all prior
transcripts, including the
Military JST transcripts, be
officially evaluated. An
evaluation request must be
submitted through the WVC
registration office for the degree
or certificate indicated above.
Students will receive the
completed evaluation and
should submit a copy to the
WVC veteran office.
WVC Veteran Office | Wenatchee Campus | Wenatchi Hall Rm2136 |veterans@wvc.edu | www.wvc.edu/veterans |509.682.6817
Students are required to submit a signed class schedule to the WVC veteran office each quarter. Once
received, an enrollment certification for approved courses will be submitted to the Veterans
Administration (VA); the student will receive an email from the VA.
Students are required to submit any class schedule revisions throughout the quarter to the WVC veteran
office; failure to do so may result in an overpayment and potential repayment of funds to the college
and/or to the VA.
Students should meet with their WVC Faculty Adviser and request an Academic Degree Plan outlining
the courses needed for the degree or certificate being pursued; a copy should be submitted to the WVC
veteran office. Failure to do so may cause delays in VA enrollment certification processing and Tuition
Assistance payments. New students may schedule an appointment with an Educational Planner.
The VA allows benefit payments for required courses in VA approved degree programs.
The VA does not allow payment for classes previously completed unless the student’s WVC Faculty
Adviser is recommending that they be repeated due to the length of time that has passed.
The VA will allow payment for Remedial courses, or those that are below the 100 level, if indicated as a
recommendation on the student’s compass test placement score; however, remedial distance (online or
hybrid) courses cannot be certified.
Any recommendations from the Faculty Adviser for class repeats, course substitutions, or remedial
courses below placement recommendations, must be outlined in an email, requested by the student and
sent to the WVC veteran office prior to certification.
Courses can be certified for only one degree at a time unless a degree program has been submitted by the
student and approved by the State Approving Agency.
Students are responsible for communicating prior college credits and requesting official credit evaluations;
credit evaluations must be requested and completed within 2 quarters. Failure to do so may result in
delays of VA benefit payments as well as student overpayments.
The Degree or Certificate Program being pursued must match the Program Intent on file with the
registration office prior to certification of VA education benefits.
Students changing degree or certificate programs are required to submit a ‘change of program form’ to the
WVC veteran office as well as change their program intent with the WVC registration office. Students will
need to request a new Academic Degree plan from their Faculty Adviser, and must also request an
evaluation of credits for the new program through the WVC registration office. Copies of both the
Academic Degree plan and the completed credit evaluation should be submitted to the WVC veteran office.
Independent study and Hybrid courses count as distance or online credits for VA purposes.
Military Tuition Assistance approval forms should be submitted to the WVC veteran office.
All forms and class schedules should be submitted to the WVC veteran office no later than the tuition due
date each quarter to ensure timely processing of VA certification enrollments. Students not using CH33,
CH33 TOE, or CH31 benefits are required to make payment arrangements prior to the tuition deadline or
registered classes may be dropped.
The WVC veteran office accepts digital copies of forms and signed class schedules.
Students with mitigating circumstances such as illness, conflicts between school and work or child care
schedules, or those called up to active duty should notify the WVC veteran office.
Failure to attend the full quarter and complete classes as well as receiving “W”, “I”, “NP”, or “F” grades
may result in overpayments and potential repayment of funds to the college and/or to the VA.
Students must follow and maintain academic progress outlined in the WVC catalog to avoid termination of
VA education benefit payments are pro-rated for the term based on the number of days in the specified
term; monthly benefit amounts can be found at www.gibill.va.gov
My signature below indicates that I have read and understand what is required of me to continue my
education benefits through the Veterans Administration and Wenatchee Valley College.
Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date:_______________
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This page is for information purposes only. It is not required to be submitted with your form.
Wenatchee Valley College
Non-discrimination Statement
Wenatchee Valley College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in employment and student enrollment. All programs are free
from discrimination and harassment against any person because of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation,
gender identity or expression, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a service animal by a person
with a disability, age, parental status or families with children, marital status, religion, genetic information, honorably discharged
veteran or military status or any other prohibited basis per RCW 49.60.030, 040 and other federal and laws and regulations, or
participation in the complaint process.
The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies and Title IX compliance for
both the Wenatchee and Omak campuses:
To report discrimination or harassment: Title IX Coordinator, Wenatchi Hall 2322M, (509) 682-6445, title9@wvc.edu.
To request disability accommodations: Student Access Coordinator, Wenatchi Hall 2133, (509) 682-6854, TTY/TTD: dial
711, sas@wvc.edu.
Wenatchee Valley College
Declaraciones de no discriminación
Wenatchee Valley College está comprometido a una política de igualdad de oportunidades en el empleo y la matriculación de
estudiantes. Todos los programas están libres de discriminación y acoso contra cualquier persona debido a raza, credo, color, origen
nacional o étnico, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad o expresión de género, la presencia de cualquier discapacidad sensorial, mental o
física, o el uso de un animal de servicio por una persona con discapacidad, edad, estatus o familias con niños, estado civil, religión,
información genética, veterano descargado honorablemente o estatus militar o cualquier otra base prohibida por el RCW 49.60.030,
040 y otras leyes y reglamentos federales, o participación en el proceso de queja.
Las siguientes personas han sido designadas para atender consultas sobre las políticas de no discriminación y el cumplimiento del
Título IX para los campus de Wenatchee y Omak:
Para denunciar discriminación o acoso: Coordinador del Título IX, Wenatchi Hall 2322M, (509) 682-6445, title9@wvc.edu.
Para solicitar adaptaciones para discapacitados: Coordinador de acceso estudiantil, Wenatchi Hall 2133, (509) 682-6854,
TTY/TTD: marque 711, sas@wvc.edu