Wenatchee Valley College
Office of Admissions & Registration
1300 5th Avenue, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Wenatchee Valley College, in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974, has
designated the following items as
DIRECTORY INFORMATION: Student name, major field of study,
dates of attendance, degree(s) earned, participation of officially recognized extracurricular activities,
height/weight of athletic team members, awards received, and most previous educational agency or
institution attended.
WVC may disclose any of the above listed items without the student's priror consent, unless the Office of
Admissions and Registration is notified in writing to the contrary.
All other student educational records are considered confidential and will not be released, with certain
exceptions, without the student's written permission.
Therefore, if there is certain non-direcotry information you wished released to a third party who is not
normally entitled to this information, you must complete and sign this form. Return the form to the
Admissions and Registration office in Wenatchi Hall, 1st floor.
Authorization to Release Non-Direcotry Information
SID#: _____________ Student Name:_______________________________ Date: ______________
Information to be released:
Person(s) or organization that may request this information:
I authorize Wenatchee Valley College to release the non-directory information indicated above to the
person(s) or organizations I have listed. This authorization will stay in effect unless I contact the WVC
Admissions office, in writing, to indicate otherwise.
Student Signature
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