Billings County, ND
Billings County Courthouse
495 4
PO Box 247
Medora, ND 58645
Building Department & Inspections
Phone 701-260-5373
Inspection Hotline * 701-842-2444
Inspection Hotline * 701-842-2444
Permit No: ________
1. APPLICATION Provide a signed permit application with the street address and property legal description with the
subdivision name and lot numbers. The address provided on the application needs to be verified by the County 911
Coordinator. Also include the parcel number. This number can be obtained from
______ 2. SEPTIC APPROVAL Provide a copy of the Southwest District Health Unit’s approval for the septic system.
3. ENGINEERING Engineering is required unless home is of conventional light-frame construction (2x wood
construction). Plans and calculations must be stamped, signed and dated by an engineer licensed by the State of North
Dakota. Note: pole barns used as residential garages will require engineering wind load analysis on walls that are more
than 10 feet high.
4. CONTRACTOR LICENSES North Dakota Licensed Contractors shall be used for all work and shall be listed on the
application form and permit unless the owner, who will occupy the building, is acting as the general contractor. Owner
builders must use licensed subcontractors. Application must have names and license numbers of all involved
subcontractors. Licenses will be verified.
______ 5. ZONING APPROVAL Provide a copy of zoning approval from Billings County.
______ 6. SITE PLAN Provide site plan showing all property lines with dimensions from the property line to the building. Also
show distances between the building on the application and other buildings on site.
7. BUILDING PLANS Provide two sets of complete plans and one set of calculations (if required in item 3). One of the
plan sets may be an electronic copy. Hard copies need to be large enough that the fonts are easily readable. Any copies
larger than 11”x17”, or with more than 30 sheets need to also be provided in electronic format. Building plans should
include the following:
___ Roof Plan: Include all beam and joint sizes. If roof trusses are used, provide the truss package from the truss
manufacturer (this includes a truss layout plan and individual truss profiles). The truss package needs to
be stamped, signed and dated by an engineer licensed by the State of North Dakota. If engineered
products are used provide span tables, and data from the manufacturer that the members are adequately
____ Floor Framing Plans: For upper floor and floors on a crawlspace show all beam and joint sizes. If engineered
products are used (floor trusses, glulam beams or laminated veneer lumber etc.) provide span tables, and
data from the manufacturer that the members are adequately sized.
____Foundation Plans: Show the width depth and length of all footings and foundation walls, include the size and spacing
of the reinforcing steel.
____Floor Plans: Show the location of walls, doors, and windows; also include the location of appliances and furnaces.
Indicate if items are electric, fuel or gas supplied. Show the livable area for each floor, the garage, covered
porches, and patios.
______ 8. Remodels require a verifiable project valuation amount. This amount is to include time and materials.
My signature below indicates I have carefully reviewed the submitted plans and verified that all of the items above have been
included. I understand that failure to provide any needed information at this time will delay the processing of my permit.
Applicant’s Signature: _____________________________________ Date ________________
Received By: ____________________________________________ Date: ________________ Permit No: