Billings County North Dakota
Application for a Variance
(Owner’s Signature or a statement from the owner authorizing this application must be attached)
Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________
Home Phone:___________Work Phone:_____________ Email:_________________________
Property Address:______________________________________________________________
Survey: (yes/no) if yes please attach. Legal Description:_______________________________
Currently Zoned: _____Residential _____Commercial _____Agriculture _____Industrial
Map showing existing land uses and zoning district classification included ____ Y ____ N
Parcel Number: _____________________________________________________________
Fee Paid $200.00 _____ Y _____ N
1. Please describe in detail the proposed use:
2. Reason Application is being requested:
I certify the information contained in the application is true and correct. I authorize the Billings
County Zoning inspector the right of entry to the subject property for the purpose of conduction
investigations related to this permit. I understand that: 1) The purpose of the variance is not
based on a desire for economic gain. 2.) The variance shall not be detrimental to the public wel-
fare or injurious to other properties in the area. 3) The unique character of the property upon
which the request is being made is not the result of actions of the applicant. 4) A Public Hear-
ing will have to be held notice of which shall be published at least two weeks prior to the hear-
ing in the official county newspaper.
______________________________________________ _________________________
Owner’s Signature Date
______________________________________________ _________________________
Owner’s Signature Date
Please Be advised that the issuance of a Variance in no way precludes the applicant’s responsi-
bility to comply with all other applicable local, state and/or federal laws or regulations.
Applicant/Property Owner Must Sign This Application
Staff Use Only
A permit for the improvements described above is approved subject to the above-noted require-
ments and the following conditions:
Approved by: _____________________________________Date _____________________
Billings County Commission Chair
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