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Application: __________
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Requirements outlined in Section 6.13 of the Billings County Zoning Ordinance
Applicant: _________________________________ Number of Residents: _____
Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________
Onsite Manager Contact Information: _________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________ Cell: ______________________
*If applicant is not the owner of record, enclose a letter from the owner
stating concurrence of this action for the proposed use of the property.
Include a copy of the lease, if applicable.
Legal Description: ___________________________________________________
Parcel Number: _____________________________________________________
TOTAL FEE: $_______
6.13.1 Definitions
Temporary Crew Housing (work camp housing):
Modular residential structures used to house workers on a temporary basis for
a specified period of time. It may include one or more lodging units which are
not mobile homes, as defined in NDCC Section 57- 02-04, and are not mobile
homes as defined in NDCC Section 57-55-01.
Crew Housing Permit: A right granted by the County to locate a crew
housing facility within the jurisdiction of the County and to enjoy attendant
services and facilities provided by the County.
Skid Units: A structure or group of structures, either single or multi-
sectional, which is not built on a permanent chassis and is ordinarily designed
for human living quarters, or a place of business, on a temporary basis.
Single Skid Units
Multi-Sectional Skid Units
6.13.2 Conditional Use Permit
A Temporary Crew Housing Permit authorizes a conditional use, the issuance
of which is subject to the procedures contained within Section 7.3 of the
Billings County Zoning Ordinance. It is allowable as a conditional use in
Commercial and Industrial Districts.
Commercial District
Industrial District
Rezoning requested from ___________________ to _____________
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6.13.3 Application Procedure:
Attach all requested information to this application
An application for a Temporary Crew Housing Permit shall be signed by the
applicant or authorized representative and shall include the following
A description of the units together with numbering system.
A description of how the proposed units are set/and or anchored.
A statement that roads to be constructed within the facility meet county
An occupancy list to be maintained and provided to the county 911
emergency coordinator on a current basis.
Plot plans drawn to scale showing:
housing units
additional structures
ingress and egress
parking plans
Unit spacing adequate to accommodate emergency services.
List of house rules and regulations.
On site security plan.
Fire and emergency evacuation plan.
Copy of permit, or approval, issued by the following:
North Dakota State Health Department,
Southwest Water Authority, and
Southwest District Health Unit including fresh water, refuse
disposal plan, and septic or sewer discharge plan.
Pay an Annual Planning and Zoning Fee in the amount of fifty (50) cents
per square foot, per year, of the area encompassing the crew housing
$.50 x ________________ sq. ft. = $_________________
A copy of the closure plans.
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6.13.3 Application Procedure, Cont.
Submit a surety bond for clean-up purposes using the following schedule:
0-50 person camp - $ 20,000
51-100 person camp - 30,000
101-250 person camp - 50,000
251-500 person camp - 100,000
501-1200 person camp - 250,000
Off-street parking shall be provided on a one-to-one ratio, one parking
space per bed and one per employee. Parking spaces shall be 9’x20’.
Any additional information deemed necessary by the Zoning
Administrator, the Planning and Zoning Board, or the County
6.13.4 Prohibited Housing Types
Recreational vehicles, campers, and mobile homes are prohibited as units in
a crew housing facility.
6.13.5 Prohibited Activities
No alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or animals are allowed on the
premises of a crew housing facility. No parking will be allowed between
units. The site is to be maintained free of garbage and junk.
6.13.6 Termination of Crew Housing Permit
A Crew Housing Permit is a conditional use permit subject to review by the
Planning and Zoning Board at any time. The permit may be revoked,
pursuant to Section 7.3 of the Billings County Zoning Ordinance, by the
County Commission anytime the applicant is in non-compliance with any of
the conditions set by the Planning and Zoning Board or the County
Commission for the issuance of the permit.
6.13.7 Renewal of Conditional Use Permit
Any Temporary Crew Housing Permit granted in accordance with this section
shall expire one year from the date of issuance. The permit may be
extended by the Planning and Zoning Board upon written application of the
owner of the property or authorized representative provided that the
extension is for the same use as specified in the original permit and that the
applicant is in compliance with the terms and conditions specified in the
original permit.
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I, the undersigned applicant for a permit do hereby attest that the information contained in
this application is truthful and correct to the best of my ability. I further agree to comply
with all building codes and standards as regulated by the State of North Dakota, and the
requirements and conditions of this permit, and the zoning ordinance of Billings County.
I understand that any inappropriate use of this permit may cause me to be required to pay
a penalty.
I certify that I am the:
Owner of the Crew Housing Facility
Manager of the Crew Housing Facility
Signature of Applicant Printed Name of Applicant Date
Concerns, special requests, or additional information: ________________________
Application Received:____________________________________________________________
Reviewed by Billings County Zoning Board:_______________________________________
Reviewed by Billings County Commissioners:______________________________________
Application Fee paid on:_______________________Receipt #_______________________
Temp Crew Housing Fee paid on:_________________Receipt #______________________
Application valid from _____________________________to_________________________
Application renewed on:______________________________________________________
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