PO Box 458 * Veneta, OR 97487 * 541-935-2191 * Fax 541-935-1838 * www.venetaoregon.gov
This form must be submitted to Veneta City Hall no later than three weeks prior to the date requested. Applications will be processed
on a first come, first serve basis. All banners are subject to appropriate jurisdictional approval. Banners are only allowed from
governmental entities, district organizations, or non-profit organizations. Banners are permitted to promote public service activities
which provide benefits to the community as a whole. Banners must display the name, date, time and general location of the activity
only. Banners shall not be permitted to advertise, promote or sponsor any political candidate/party, religious or issue group, or for
the purpose of earning a profit.
1. Organization Information
Entity: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Purpose: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________ Email: ________________________________________________
2. Permit Information:
Event Date __________
Requested time period for banner display: Start Date __________ End Date _________
Requested banner location:
Luther Ln (Lane Electric Cooperative)
Territorial Hwy (Emerald PUD)
Please attach a copy of the proposed banner.
Banner must meet Lane Electric specifications.
3. Proof of Insurance
Please attach a copy of proof of insurance listing both city and the respective utility as additionally insured for
the proposed dates.
Signature: _________________________________ Date: _________________________
Date & Time Received in City Hall: ________________________ Received By: ___________________________________
Public Works Approval: __________________________ Date applicant notified of decision: ________________________
Application forwarded to: Lane Electric EPUD Lane County LCSO
Further action requested: Yes No If yes, explain: _________________________________________
Banner Permit
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PO Box 458 * Veneta, OR 97487 * 541-935-2191 * Fax 541-935-1838 * www.venetaoregon.gov
To display a banner at Territorial Rd. (over RR tracks) OR at Luther Lane:
1. Two weeks prior to the first day the banner is to be displayed, complete City of Veneta
banner application. Include the applicant name and address, date and description of the
event, and the duration the banner is to be displayed. Make sure to sign and date the
2. Contact your insurance provider to request separate Certificates of Insurance (COI) for the
City of Veneta and Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) to hang a banner over
Territorial Rd. (railroad tracks). To hang a banner over Luther Ln. you will need a COI for
the City of Veneta and Lane Electric Coop all named as additional insureds. COI can be
faxed to the City of Veneta at 541-935-1838 ATTN: Darci Henneman or emailed to
dhenneman@ci.veneta.or.us. All certificates must include the name and address of the
additional insured, location of the banner, event title, event date, and the duration the
banner is to be displayed.
3. Complete banner applications must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. the Wednesday
prior to a City Council meeting in order to be included in the next Council packet.
Applications and COIs can be emailed to the above address, faxed to 541-935-1838, or
dropped off at Veneta Administrative Center, 88184 8
St. for review by the City Recorder.
If approved, it will be placed on the next Council agenda for Council approval. The City
Council meets monthly on the 2
and 4
Mondays. However, on occasion, meetings may
be cancelled. Call City Hall at 541-935-2191 to confirm meeting dates. Applications
submitted after the above deadline will be held over until the next Council meeting. Make
sure this deadline is taken into consideration when starting this process. Incomplete
documents will not be accepted.
Once approved by the City Council, the Recorder will notify you that the permit is ready to be
picked up and will also notify the utility company (ies) to schedule installation of the banner(s).
Please drop your banner(s) off at Veneta City Administrative Center a minimum of three
working days prior to the date you want it installed. The utility companies will pick banners up
at City Administrative Center. All banners will be returned to City Administrative Center and
you will be notified to retrieve your banner(s). Banner(s) left more than seven (7) days may be
destroyed at the discretion of City Administrator. Storage of your banner is a courtesy only
and not a requirement of City staff.
Instructions to submit
Banner Permit Application
Community Banner Requirements & Specications
When time and personnel permits, Lane Electric will hang and remove banners for community organizations promoting
community events provided ALL the requirements, listed below, are met in advance. If you are interested in having Lane
Electric hang a banner, please review and follow the guidelines listed below. You may contact Lane Electric by phone at
484-1151 or by email at info@laneelectric.com.
1. Notice must be received in writing (e-mail is considered “writing”) AT LEAST four weeks prior to the date that you
would like to have your banner hung. REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED
BASIS. For your safety and the safety of others, do not hang your banner on utility poles or equipment. Leave that for
the professionals, please.
Depending on the location, permits may be required. No banners will be hung until an application has been completed
and a certicate of insurance has been provided. If required, you may obtain a permit from either the City of Veneta for
banners to be hung on Luther Lane, or the Oregon Department of Transportation for banners hung across Territorial Road.
Once completed and submitted to the City of Veneta, your request will be noted and scheduled accordingly.
1. For your banner to be hung, it must conform to the diagram below. These specications will make sure your banner
can be installed in a timely fashion and displayed to its fullest potential.
2. To insure your banner is not discarded, contact information must be visible somewhere on the banner; name and phone
number at a minimum.
3. Banner must be made of a light weight material (vinyl) with 6” wind-slits or cutouts
scattered throughout the body of the banner.
4. 1/2” carabiners are required for every upper and lower grommet to assist LEC with hanging
of your banner. (See adjacent diagram)
5. 3/4” metal grommets @ 18” on center (maximum) on top and bottom edges of your banner.
It is your responsibility to see that all steps are taken and requirements met. Lane Electric
will not be responsible for requests that have not fullled all of the above requirements.
IMPORTANT: Lane Electric will remove your banner within the next 1 or 2 business days after your event and returned
to City Hall in Veneta. It is your responsibility to pick it up by the end of that same week. Banners that have not
picked up by that time may be disposed of as there is no space available to store them.
NOTE: Ropes are no longer required and will not be returned if supplied.
30” Maximum
30’ Maximum
6” Wind Slits
Carabiner Size
1/2” Minimum
and must be
installed on the
banner when we
receive it!
Contact information required somewhere on the banner.
REVISED: 9/24/2015